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It’s 2am and I feel a song coming on
11 16 2008, 3:18 am
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It’s 2am. I feel no signs of sleepiness. That pretty much blows. 

I’ve been listening to music – combo of funk (think Rick James) and Christmas tunes (think  . . . well, Christmas). In addition to my easy listening I have been surfing Vegan blogs. I have decided this is my favorite: Rural Vegan.  Other thoughts I have thunk tonight include:

1) Why am I not vegan!?!?!?

2) If I win the lottery I am going to Burning Man every year till I’m really old.

3) Why am I not vegan????!!!!!

2B) Oh, Burning Man and a boob job.

4) I seriously still have not gone vegan? 


I don’t see why this is a consistent theme in my life (the vegan thing, not the boobs or Burning Man). I feel guilty all of the time when I eat and I have lost sleep over the whole veg thing. I really don’t give a flying fig what other people eat but I just can’t understand why if this is so important to me I haven’t made the change. 

Hell, I’m not even a vegetarian anymore. 

And the kicker is, of course, that I never feel better or happier than when I eat a meat free diet so once again the question is why am I not doing this full time?

Maybe it isn’t a cold-turkey (ha) thing. Maybe not for me at least – I’m beyond having something gross me out so bad that I never touch it again. It will have to be a state of mind that drives me to put my money where my mouth is. 

I know if Bob and Jenna heard me say all of this they would kick me in the ass and tell me to get on with being vegan so I think I’ll just continue to listen to their podcast and see what happens.


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I’m sorry I haven’t seen this sooner, but thanks for the accolade! Perhaps you just need some encouragement to make the veg*n plunge? Would me shouting “DO IT” help? 😉

Thanks again!

Comment by Rural Vegan

your post made me laugh. considering the fact that i’m REALLY tired, this definitely woke me up.

and being vegan is pretty easy i’ve noticed. yeah, i mean, when i look at my mom bbq pulled pork (the best thing on earth) or her italian meatloaf (another winner), i think- wow, i need to put that in my mouth now!! but i’ve come to thinking that i don’t want to eat anything that have a face. it just seems weird now.

Comment by Joanna

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