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Happy Thanksgiving!
11 27 2008, 9:15 am
Filed under: holidays

Good morning and happy thanksgiving! Just a couple things to talk about today.

A) My neighbor – I wanted to sneakily open the door this morning (7am) to see if I could slip the key under the door in a way that mom and Ron could get at it if they arrive to my apartment before I am back from dinner. I wanted to be sneaky because, obviously I didn’t want anyone to see what I was up to and because I am wearing cat fur covered clothing, no bra, my glasses, and my hair is a disaster. I open the door a crack and see a paid of shoes in the hallway, complete with attached feet. I figured it was a kid playing around so I open the door up and look down to see my neighbor, dressed in bar clothes, just waking up from what appears to have been a very rough night. I’m not really sure what the hell he was doing and he tried to explain but, well, I went to college – no explanation necessary. I know the poor guy has to work today – he mentioned in in passing over the weekend and I heard him leave for work just a few minutes after he managed to get into his apartment. I thought the days of people sleeping in hallways was over . . . NEVER!


B) The Today show – if you didn’t see the clip at 7:30 with the muppets  . . . it wasn’t funny. It was sad! Premise: turkey tries to convince Al to cook steak for Thanksgiving and then bull shows up and thinks the steak is his mother! 

WTF!?!?! If that is supposed to be the way we feel better about eating about a zillion turkeys today, it didn’t work. SHeesh!


In other news, today I will be meeting up with Brian at noon and head over to his Aunt and Uncle’s place. Dinner is around 2 with Brian’s whole fam. After dinner, mom and Ron will be arriving here at some point. I am guessing it will be a quiet evening at home while we move in the new chair they are bringing me and we discuss plans for the weekend.

Hope everyone out there has a great day with family, friends, and  . . . hopefully no one eats until they get sick!! 


Oh, and if you want a recommendation for some fun Thanksgiving tv (adults only) after dinner, I recommend South Park episode “Helen Keller the Musical”.  There is a part in that show about “humanely” killing turkeys. It might be offensive to some but I think it makes a great point in a fairly humorous way.


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