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Dreams from hell part 2
12 13 2008, 1:03 pm
Filed under: dreams, exams

So last night came another dumb dream. Brian went back to work at the hotel and was trying to hide it from me. He slipped and mentioned how he made so much money “last Sunday” and a look of pale terror came over his face. He asked what I would do if he went back to work there and I said “go next Sunday and you’ll find out”. 

The rest of the dream he spent trying to pamper me with a beautiful candlelit bubble bath which I begrudgingly took and then I managed to set the bathroom on fire. 

This morning (in real life now) when Brian and I went to the gym, he told me he had a dream he went back to work at the hotel too! Odd coincidence. 

In other news – I’m just busy studying . . . *sigh*. All three of my regular finals are on Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll be out of commission until Wednesday night . . . assuming I survive that long. 




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I didn’t get much sleep last night but most of the dreams consisted of Godzilla destroying the city. This is the second night in a row that a giant monster is wrecking things in my dreams. I wonder what it could mean? At least I’m not dreaming of working the second job anymore.

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