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01 11 2009, 11:11 am
Filed under: birthday

You would think that during the last week I have off from school I would update a bit more. So much for that. I have gotten some important items done this week but for the most part I have avoided using the computer as much as possible since I tend to live on it during the school year.

Some of you like me to post my class schedule. In order to keep it all compact yet make the class abreviations understandable, here is a breakdown of the classes:
Administrative law [admin]
Closely Held Business Organizations [CHBO]
Secured Transactions [ ST]
Criminal Defense Clinic Weekly class meetings [Clinic]

MONDAYS: admin 8:30 – 9:55am.
TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS: clinic 10:40 – 12:40.
WEDNESDAYS: Admin 8:30 – 9:55am, CHBO 12:45 – 2:10, ST 2:20 – 3:45.
FRIDAYS: CHBO 12:45 – 2:10, ST 2:20 – 3:45.

Now for the disclaimer; because I am taking the clinic this semester, I will have client meetings and court appointments during the day as well. If you need to get a hold of me during the day, a message or an e-mail is always tops. I still don’t do text messaging although I am beginning to think the more time I spend in court the less likely I am going to be able to avoid texting.

Today Brian and I are going to his grandparent’s home to attend a birthday shindig for the January birthdays which includes myself and Brian’s future brother-in-law. Even though this will be the third birthday I have celebrated with their family I am still in awe and greatful that they include my birthday.

Tomorrow is the last time I will have a first-day-of-school-for-the-semester ever. Pretty damn exciting!


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