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And now that I am less crabby, an update!
01 28 2009, 7:19 am
Filed under: birthday, daily grind, weather

So no huge surprise – no school today. I’m pleased. Yesterday was my birthday and I felt fairly unmotivated – if I had my afternoon classes today (the morning one was cancelled as of last night), I would have had a large assignment to do yet this morning. 

Now I can chill and get that assignment knocked out today while I hang out at home. I was up before 5 and now I am wide awake, doing dishes and already e-mailing prosecutors. 

Last night Brian came over for a bit to celebrate my day – I made up a dinner of spaghetti and vegan italian sausage and daikon-potato latkes. It was really good and there are plenty of tasty leftovers. Brian brought me a gift – a hot air popcorn popper. It is certainly not something I would typically purchase for myself, but after we used it last night, I am really glad he got it for me. It requires NO OIL at all and being that bulk popcorn is fairly cheap, I’ll save money not buying microwaveable anymore. Granted, it is hard to put salt on plain popcorn, but it was tasty nonetheless and it could easily cure a late night craving in a healthful way.

So yea, today will likely prove to involve more cleaning and lots of homework – if I work hard today I will be able to knock out the rest of this weeks work and possibly even get a head start on next week!

Ciao and stay safe out there!


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