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05 1 2009, 8:11 am
Filed under: daily grind, Oliver

Not much going on around here this morning. I’m getting ready for some taped statements later today. Oliver is sick. I came home yesterday and he greeted me at the front door with a meek “arg”, one of his eyes total glued shut with goo. 

I hauled my little pirate off to the vet and we came home with an arsenal of all things cats hate; the pink stuff that usually ends up all over me rather than in the cat, ear drops for both ears, and an eye SALVE. Yea, try holding open a cats eye so you can smear something on it – that is going over real well.


He seems a little less lathargic this morning fortunately. Yesterday afternoon he was like a limp rag. 


Otherwise, I’ll be doing taped statements today and then studying the rest of the weekend for my final final on Tuesday!


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Poor Oliver!

Good luck on your final final! Are you finishing you 2L or 3L year?

Comment by legallyvegan

Thank you! I’m finishing my 3L year. I technically will graduate in August but just because I didn’t finish my clinical course hours yet so basically I’m done 🙂 It is pretty great!

Comment by city chick

I know! My graduation is next week. I can’t wait! Are you taking the bar in July?

Comment by legallyvegan

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