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Pantry party
05 3 2009, 11:39 am
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I’ve decided to do something I have read about on some other blogs a while back – a pantry challenge. I will only use up the foods that I already have in the house. This is really great timing for such a thing – Brian moves in less than a month from now and I have lots of good food that will go bad unless I take the initiative to eat it up. I figure I will allow myself to purchase one ingredient per meal if I need it but otherwise, nothing else can be bought and brought into the house (besides Diet Coke 🙂 ). I’ll keep you all updated as I am sure things will get . . . interesting here soon.


In other news, Oliver is feeling better and can now see out of both eyes.
Here is a picture of Oliver on Friday:Photobucket

versus today:PhotobucketPhotobucket

Feeling much better apparently 🙂


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Picture 1 – Oliver sick
Picture 2 – you choke Oliver because you think he is faking it for attention
Picture 3 – you find out you were correct?

Comment by The Boyfriend

He does look a tad guilty in that last picture . . . but I think he would have given up on the sick routine about the time we took out the eye salve.

Comment by city chick

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