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Free Documentaries
09 6 2008, 12:16 pm
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Ever go to your local video store and check out the documentary section? 

If they have such a section, it is probably disapointing. Especially if you are looking for a documentary on a subject that is unpopular in your particular geographic region.

This website offers a great number of documentaries for download, for free. Quick, easy, don’t sign up for anything – in terms of how easy and accessible it is, it is just like YouTube.

The way it ought to be – the free exchange of information and ideas.

(The following links are to the official webpages of the individual documentaries. For the free downloadable versions you have to hit

I recommend Jesus Camp, Earthlings, Bowling for Columbine,  . . . well, I can’t name them all. There are also specials that have aired on PBS, CBC, BBC, etc.

What I love about the website is the fact I can watch these all for free and I don’t have to pay for a cause I may not believe in.

Funny enough there are still documentaries available on the site that I would really prefer to own. I own Supersize Me and I just don’t get tired of it. Jesus Camp and Bowling for Columbine are also movies I would like to own. Bowling for Columbine is exciting to me because of the numerous references to Michigan and the fact that I personally know James and Terry Nichols and their families. I’ve discussed Jesus Camp in the past. It has a great soundtrack and is an amazing look into the lives of a whole other culture within the United States that even the devoutly religious might not be aware of.

Anyhow, I say this is worthwhile to bookmark and check out whenever you have a free moment. I’m thrilled about it.


Gone to the birds
06 16 2008, 1:33 pm
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So today has been a good day so far. I met with one of the attorneys this morning right before lunch time to talk about tomorrow – we are going to moot my supression hearing and I had a few questions for him. We talked and then he invited me to lunch – can’t turn down a free lunch with one of the attorneys!

We went for subs across the street and bs’d about the job, school, and life in general. It is nice hearing from someone else who has been here and done this before. I like finding out why other people have chosen criminal defense and how their personal life has been altered by the decision.

In totally unrelated news there were a couple interesting happenings today. Walking to work this morning something on the sidewalk caught my eye. A fluffy baby dove that was the same color as the sidewalk was walking right in front of me. I almost totally missed it and could have easily stepped on the poor thing. It looked like it was in no hurry to get out of the way and then began following me! If I had been headed anywhere but work I would have tried to round the little guy up and send him in a safer direction… sadly there wasn’t really anywhere better for him to head.

During lunch today we noticed a flourish of odd activity at the intersection near us. A mother duck and 6 of her ducklings were walking northbound in the right lane toward the intersection and then crossed the street. The attorney I was with and I were both torn between watching to see what would happen next. Fortunately, a large number of vehicles and pedestrians altered their course and waited it out while the ducks crossed the street. They made it as far as we were able to see but considering the area of the city we saw this in, it isn’t likely they are going to make it much further. Then again, if anything is capable of stopping traffic, baby ducks are it!

a lol
04 29 2008, 9:21 am
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humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Just studying for finals…. booo.

Cat instincts
12 2 2007, 9:04 am
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Random picture I snagged

So I have had cats my whole life but Oliver is the first cat to exhibit what is a very old instinctual behaviour. After eating, he practically tears the floor apart right next to his dish. I went out and purchased a kitty scratching mat and every time he eats a “meal” or has even a small snack, he goes at it. I figured this was an instinctual thing but I looked it up today and it definitely is – cats used to bury remains of their food along with the things we know they cover up…

I also found a message board regarding tomcats and the development of the kind of big, juicy cheeks that Oliver has. Apparently most unneutered toms will develop at least some amount of “jowl” or “face shield” but there is no specific time frame for which this will happen and if they are neutered, it won’t happen at all. I was lucky enough to get Oliver at a point in his life where he has, what is apparently, very desirable muscle tone and cheeks but he didn’t come with all of the negative aspects of having a tom! Lucky lucky me!!!

The only downside to those adorable cheeks? The assistants at the vet’s office couldn’t help themselves – those cheeks were probably sore by the time we got home after all the squeezing they endured lol.

So today, I have a TON of Criminal Procedure stuff to do today and a bazillion loads of laundry. Brian is nice enough to let me bring my laundry to his place so I don’t have to spend a fortune here at the apt’s or at the laundry mat but I will have to see just how many loads I have… I would hate to tie up his laundry room all day long.

Well everyone – I am out! Ciao!

prison versus the zoo
11 11 2007, 11:22 pm
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Friday afternoon I spent in a maximum security correctional facility.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the city zoo.

It is uncanny to me how much the two places have in common.

The Prison

The prison visit was organized by the president of our student criminal law society and I am so pleased it was on this years agenda. We discovered that the prison was not the medium security facility we had anticipated but was instead a maximum security “in-take” facility meaning that every male convicted of a felony in the state (except for death row inmates) comes to this facility first, is assigned a “level” based on medical/psychiatric needs and or behavioral/crime variables and is then sent to a prison corresponding to that level.

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Everyday, between 17 and 130 new prisoners arrive. We saw a large group of men who had just been dropped off and were sitting in line waiting to have their heads shaved. We walked between and among them, the three females of our group looking particularly uncertain as to where to rest our eyes.

I would have liked to have spoken to some of the men, but as we walked down the corridor of one of the cell areas and we darted our eyes in and out of the barred cell doors, I couldn’t help but think that it would be somehow rude to ask questions of them. It is their “home” afterall that we were peering into and as much as we kidded with each other that our dorm rooms had been comparable in size, there was certainly a feeling within those walls that is much unlike anything I have ever felt. It is a combination of dread, boredom, anger, pain, curiosity, disgust; all of which is aggravated by the bland beige decor which seems so miserably out of place in a house that has so much “color” within it. And by color, I mean the color of the feelings within the building. As far as the color of the men, the vast majority appeared to be black, between the ages of 18 and 30. And yet there was something familiar and “certain” about the young black men, whereas there was something very sinister and unsettling about the white men who appeared to be older, gruffer, and generally suffering from psychiatric disorders.

The Zoo

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Brian and I visited the zoo and botanical gardens yesterday. We have wanted to go for sometime now to check out a new ocean exhibit. It was very nice; huge aquariums full of a cousin of the hammerhead shark, another with tropical fish, and another with elusive jellyfish (I particularly enjoyed the jellies). In the center of the exhibit is a large dog shark touch pool. We spent time there at both the beginning and end of our trip petting the sharks as they swam by. One shark seemed “friendly” almost – he swam back and forth in front of us multiple times toward the surface of the water and seemed to really enjoy the attention.

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I really love how this zoo has a walrus exhibit. When we visited last summer it was my first time to see a walrus so close and I was stunned at their size. It was difficult to see them this time but we still got to peer at them from a distance at least.

After the zoo, we quickly enjoyed a trip through the bonsai exhibit in the gardens which we saw during our last trip to the zoo as well.

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After the zoo, Brian and I headed to Wild Oats. We were treated to some cheese sampling and ended up picking up some rather pricey hunks to take home. I have been eying up a sourdough recipe and went the easy route by picking up a nice loaf instead. After a quick trip to check out a Trader Joe’s (big disappointment), we beat a large crowd into a Five Guys – a burger and fry joint. Definitely one of the tastiest burger and fry meals I have had in quite some time.

We headed home after a very long but enjoyable day and I have to say, this was a really great, educational couple of days.

08 7 2007, 2:03 pm
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My man just sent me a link to this site – a story about 130 cats living in one tiny flat in Moscow….

I personally loved this picture – they all have that genuine “cat” look going on 🙂

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Plus there is a great lil video at the site showing a “feeding”

turtle: peeessse play with me!!
06 7 2007, 11:51 am
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Yay – I love the new YouTube feature that allows you to watch related vids right from the main vid…. maybe this will allow my bf to actually see some vids @ work since they have blocked access to YouTube —- killjoys  🙂