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City chicken – the showdown!
06 19 2008, 9:34 am
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The Ultimate City Chicken Showdown has begun! July 4th I prepared a traditional version of the recipe and split the batch into two. Half browned in margarine and half browned in crisco. The verdict: no difference!!! Both my boyfriend and I tried both and could not tell the difference – a day later I tried some again and was unable to detect any difference at all.

The next showdown? I will try a marinade recipe submitted by a reader and I plan to play around with the meats at some point in the future as well. Stay tuned!!

//end update//

 Thanks to reader comments, I have compiled a large list of thoughts, ideas, and recipes regarding city chicken. I’ve been craving some recently and after reading a particularly unusual city chicken recipe, I got a great idea – a city chicken showdown! I’m thinking of trying out a number of different recipes in order to find both the best traditional version as well as the best, updated recipe for the 21st century.

Some people have specific cuts of meat they like to use, some people are die hard “scrap” users. Some marinade their skewers. Some people make gravy, others find the idea of gravy actually offensive! And then there is the ultimate fight – what to fry those babies in; butter, margarine, Crisco, olive oil?



study breaks and search terms
12 5 2007, 4:49 pm
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Taking a quick study break (I had no choice – I drank one of those Starbucks Doubleshot Espressos and I am having trouble sitting still!) and I peeked at my blog stats.

Today’s search terms are a little more uncommon than usual and make me wonder about all of the people out there who randomly peek into a little bit of my daily life.

  • chimp infant solicit sex

My curiosity is piqued, but I am not going to entertain it… and I have no clue why they were sent to my blog…

  • the future plans of god and the universe

WHOA! Someone is feeling philosophical! I don’t think the internet is the place to search for things like that lol.

  • guinea pig dominance

This one makes me chuckle because I know the post they were sent to and it is definitely NOT what that person was looking for lol.

  • strange city stress

hmm, were they looking for info about stress related to living in a new and “strange” city, OR were they looking up stressors unique to persons living in metropolitan areas? Just something to contemplate.

  • city chicken blog


  • Chicken Court En Blue

AHHH! HAHA! I get a TON of “chicken court on blue” searchers coming to my blog now, but THIS search beats those out cold! It’s like they knew the phrase was gussied up somehow but they got it oh soooo wrong! lol.

  • spam upside down pie

Rock on adventurous eater!

Okay, I think I am feeling less fidgity. Back to the grind!

quick update and another odd search term
11 14 2007, 10:24 am
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Apparently searching for “chicken court on blue” isn’t too bizarre – I now have multiple persons arriving to my blog in order to find out more about this elusive dish. (If you are one of them, head to this post).

Today I noticed another new search term I haven’t before seen: “juicing chickens”. For whatever reason, a post I wrote entitled “taking the lemons to the juicer” sent that searcher to me. I looked up juicing chickens on google – I was the third match but further down the page was something that appeared much closer – a blog post actually titled “juicing a chicken“.

It doesn’t sound half bad….

Anyhow, I am currently at school and will be heading out here in a few minutes for a little walk over to the state house – I am going to the Supreme Court to watch an argument regarding the aggravating and mitigating factors in the sentencing of a defendant who plead guilty to the murder of a four year-old. It should be very interesting and I will have plenty of time to get back for class.

After classes today, I have an Animal Law Society meeting and then I am going home and probably taking a nap. I haven’t been sleeping well lately – Oliver has taken to waking me up in the middle of the night in the most bizarre ways. He and I are going to have to have a serious talk about his nightly need for attention.


all about meat
05 10 2007, 9:34 am
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I’ll admit it to you all – I love Penrose Firecrackers. They are “red hots” which is essentially a pickled beef stick.

Well, kind of a “beef stick”. This is the list of ingredients from a Firecracker: Beef, Beef Lips, Water, Salt, Mechanically Separated Chicken, Corn Syrup, Soy Protein Concentrate, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Dextrose, Flavorings, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite, Red 40.

After a past post in which I referenced a blog which showed the making of headcheese, I began to compile a list of rather humorous things I found on the net concerning these “questionable (or just funny) meat products”. My search quickly turned up wild family stories, odd recipes, horrifying headlines, and tales from “heart attack alley”. Here is just a small compilation of some of the wildest things I found.

I found this excerpt on a blog describing the meal at, what I assume was a family function:

 “The family spent four days preparing for the feast. The amount of pork was astounding: grillades(grilled pork), fricasse, etouffe, chocholo (stewed pork — one with blood and one without), routi (pork cooked in a pot), pork with cabbage, cracklins (deep fried pork skin), pork and venison sausage, and headcheese…

If the amount of pork wasn’t enough, there was fried chicken and fried turkey. Meatballs, hot dogs, chili, white beans and potato salad were also on the table. If you saved some room, there was a table of desserts including a bread pudding that [annonymous family member] made. It was to die for — literally. We asked her for the recipe — it calls for a stick of butter for the pudding and two sticks for the sauce on top!”


The following excerpt was also found on a personal blog:

 “The most common variant of German “Blutwurst” (“blood sausage”) is made from fatty pork meat, bovine blood and filler such as barley. Though already cooked and “ready to eat” it is usually served warm. In the Rhineland, where it is also traditionally made from horse meat, fried “Blutwurst” is a part of various dishes. Similarly Czech “jelito” made from pork, pig’s blood and groats (groats are the hulled and crushed grains of various cereals, such as oats, wheat, barley or buckwheat); the stuffing served by itself, unformed is called “prejt”. Another German variant is “Zungenwurst”, which is “Blutwurst” mixed with pieces of pickled pig’s tongue.”

Headline from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

 “Pioneer Malone put her heart into her headcheese

For God’s sake, as if they don’t put everything else into it already!!!! lol.

A great description of tripe from an old favorite; blogjam[dot]com:

 “[Tripe]has the look and feel of a sodden bath mat, whilst it gives off the damp and musty odour of a basset hound that’s just just come in from the rain; one can understand why it doesn’t sit comfortably next to the racks of lamb and beef medallions at your local Waitrose.”

And perhaps my all time favorite line that I came across (although, not about meat at all):

 “I am sure Fanny would never have a Spotted Dick unless it had a nice big blob of nice hot custard on it”

Included on that page was an intriguing recipe for both the spotted dick and the accompanying custard. (I might have to give this one a try!)

I hope that you all enjoyed this fun little post. Enjoy the rest of your week!!

brave chicks
05 1 2007, 10:01 am
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This is just so bad for the pit bull image….

*but sooo adorable*

bringin’ out the devil in ya
04 15 2007, 7:14 am
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 Last night I made a nice big supper of city chicken, spring salad, and a quick appetizer of traditional deviled eggs. I didn’t do anything special or fancy as far as the eggs were concerned, but I got the idea from Martha Stewart dot com which had some really nice ideas for dressing up this easy classic.

I decided to share a couple of the ingredient lists she provided to give you some ideas next time you are in a pinch for a quick appetizer. Besides the addition of herb toppers and unique spices added to the yolk mixture, I especially liked her idea to serve the eggs cut both lengthwise and crosswise. In order to keep them from tipping over, she just cuts a small bit of the white from the “bottom” of the egg and they sit very pretty. There is an example in the picture at the top of the post! Be sure to head over to the website too for additional ideas – there were about five different articles just on deviled eggs and even a cute tutorial video.


funny (and ironic!) search terms!
04 12 2007, 6:32 pm
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I get the feeling I am going to be making this a regular thing.

Here are some of my favorites – the terms and phrases that have brought you, the readers, to me, the blogger.

“butt cramps”  *this has become a VERY popular search topic… I may need to elaborate for those of you who have been… “suffering”.*

“What did you learn from this law class?”  *this is the “ironic” one… this search term sent this poor person to THIS post… I am guessing they are concerned about the state of legal education after reading that!* 

“my own fergie”  *oh how I miss my OWN Fergie… for those of you who don’t know, that is my cat who lives with my parents in another state…*

“funny chicken ideas”  *I wonder what else this person found!*

“neh owh heh eair eh”   *no doubt in reference to the Oprah show about the secret language of babies!*

boyfriend is getting fat”  *DISCLAIMER  – I have NEVER written that anywhere in my blog! lol.. just had to make sure not to upset my man 😉 *

“sue my dad for maintenance”   *if you knew of the possibility that your case may end up in student casebooks for years to come, you would likely re-think a law suit!*

“father act and actions”

and by far the most popular search terms have to do with “city chicken” and how to make it… again, the link is HERE if that is what you are looking for (although part of me has begun to feel guilty about having a recipe on my blog for a meat based dish… the only blogs I read on a daily basis are vegan!)