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Frozen Fiasco
05 14 2009, 6:33 pm
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CongAgra foods makes Banquet PotPies. We always had some in the freezer when I grew up. Well they were tainted with salmonella not so long ago making many people sick. CongAgra tried and tried to figure out just what ingredient it was that was at risk of killing their customers but dagnabit, they just couldn’t find the culprit.  That isn’t surprising considering the fact that they don’t even know who supplies most of their ingredients or if those suppliers actually check the foods for contaminants!  ConAgra’s solution? To put your health into your own hands (where it ought to be) and tell you to check several spots in your potpie with a food thermometer and check the internal temperature for a reading of 165 degrees.

I have a better idea. Literally take your health into your own hands and tell ConAgra where they can put their potpies.

I would like to give a product shoutout to Amy’s Kitchen – the maker of wonderful foods including MANY frozen entrees and pizzas which are healthy, organic, sometimes vegan (but not always), and tasty. I haven’t had any Amy’s product that I wished I hadn’t bought and I am in love with their Roasted Vegetable Pizza. The products are sold at most major retailers – no need to go to an expensive health food chain and they appeared on the Food Network at one point with a look into their factories – clean, beautiful, safe, and sanitary in appearance.

While I can’t deny that owning a food thermometer is not a bad idea and I won’t suggest that no Amy’s product could ever be contaminated by some food borne pathogen, I will suggest that it is probably safer (and will make you feel good) to purchase products from a company that really seems to care and at the very least knows who supplies their ingredients!


Oh, bonus: I see that Amy’s now features diet plans on their website – a regular plan, gluten-free plan, vegan plan, and others for those of you with illness or allergies. You could most certainly lose weight eating their products which are very filling, nutritious, and not full of empty calories. I think I might just give that a go!


10 14 2008, 7:41 am
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Last night Brian and I went to see Religulous. I doubt I need to tell anyone that if they are devout, they need not attend this movie. If they are on the fence . . . well . . . this movie is still hard core. You need an open mind or at least need to be able to laugh at beliefs from all religions that are obviously odd. We both like Bill Maher and we enjoyed the movie.

About a third of the way into the movie, Bill visits the Creation Museum – the place Brian and I plan to go to next Friday. Maybe it seems a bit odd for the two of us to go to such a place. I know a number of devout Christians who don’t believe in the “science” of the Bible and outside of Christians, I know NO ONE who believes in the information this museum inculcates. Nonetheless, the reason I want to go is precisely because there is an entire museum dedicated to such ideas and not just a hut off a back road – we are talking about a huge, multi-million dollar establishment supported by some incredibly influential figures. 

One down side to the movie; I have more things I want to read now! I don’t have time to get interested in a new subject but I would love to learn more about ancient Greek and Egyptian religions. In the movie, Bill talks about an ancient Egyptian God, Horus. I’ve done some cursory searching on the internet and it turns out his story is damn near identical to the story of Jesus. The names have been changed, but barely and in most cases they were simply translated. Let me put this into some legal terms; if the nonfiction book of Horus appeared in Barnes and Noble and a year later the nonfiction book of Jesus showed up next to it, the author of the Jesus book would be in deep shit.

Obama rally
10 12 2008, 7:17 pm
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Wednesday Brian, myself, and a friend from school headed to an Obama rally at the state fair grounds. I have lots of pictures and videos so brace yourself. First of all, recall that I had already voted on Monday. Brian spotted this picture on the local newspaper’s website later that same day! Can you spot me!?!


Wednesday morning, Brian picked me up, we picked up my friend and we arrived at the fair grounds around 8:30am. There was already a pretty decent line heading toward the grandstand. The weather was drizzly and dreary and gray but we were kept fairly entertained by two adorable Obama supporters in front of us in line (two little girls) and the constant flow of people selling buttons and t-shirts.

Around 10am, people began to stream into the grandstand. We had the option of standing in the mud but I was in heels, Brian had a t-shirt on (not great rain gear) and my friend is like, 4’9. We opted to sit in the stands.

People came in after us in a never ending drove. An estimated 21,000 people showed up. During the set-up for the event we spotted snipers on top of a U-haul, prepared to haul U away. hehe.


Andre Carson and Jill Long Thompson spoke fairly early and then things quieted down as we waited for the big arrival. The crowd would spontaneously burst into cheers and then get super quiet as people tried to figure out where he would arrive from. Eventually someone spotted the motorcade and all hell broke loose.

As Obama arrived, Senator Evan Bayh gave a short introductory speech and then madness ensued as Barack Obama took stage.

I couldn’t help but be excited by the fact that everyone else was excited. He isn’t a singer or a movie star, he wasn’t here to entertain us, he was here to give us incentive to choose him to be the next President of the United States. I’m so glad so many people thought it was important enough to show up to a political rally.

Senator Obama gave about an hour long speech. The majority of it focused on health care which made me very happy. While I know that health care will have to take a back seat to the economy for a while, I am glad he hasn’t stopped talking about such a huge issue.

There were a few rabble rousers but nothing that wasn’t quickly and quietly handled and Senator Obama made it clear he was here for those who wanted to listen. He does have an interesting and exciting aura about him and it made it feel like he really cared about every one of us who attended.
was what I wanted to see and feel and I got it.

Sarah Palin arrives in the state on Friday. I would go but it seems that Brian and I will be headed off to the Creation Museum in Kentucky that day and then over to visit our friends in Evansville who just had their first baby, a lovely little girl, arrive last week. We plan to have a great weekend!

And because WordPress is being a &U*)(FHIOY&UE$, the videos will appear in later separate posts – all separate posts. &%$R*)(*U)(%$U)(

Thank you.

It’s all over!
10 7 2008, 5:47 am
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I voted yesterday. I was at work and received a city-wide e-mail saying that you could vote early this whole week without any reason or excuse. On my lunch break I headed on over to the city building and 15 minutes later I was done. Quick and easy, even with having to fill out an absentee ballot. Why would I vote early? Well, voting on a Monday (when I have no classes) is a whole lot easier than trying to vote on a Tuesday when I need to be in school all day and can only go to the polls at the same time as everyone else. Plus my polling station is in a very busy school area – when I arrived to vote during the primary I was met with tons of traffic and no where to park – although the actual voting process was rather quick. Now that our state has been moved into the toss-up category, I would rather get this out of the way earlier than later. 


Interestingly enough, tomorrow I will likely be going to an Obama rally. I’m probably not the kind of voter the candidates want to talk to anymore but I’ll go nonetheless. It is a rare day that you get to see a Presidential candidate. One of my classmates sent me an e-mail saying she wanted to go and I’m glad she told me about it. Brian has been a pretty hard core Obama supporter since the get go so he took the day off of work tomorrow to go with us. It should be a lot of fun and even if we can’t get in (first come, first served), it should be an energetic place to be either way.

Ok, time to take care of a couple things
09 26 2008, 10:33 am
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I have a handful of items I have wanted to blog about so I figure I will just make a quick post to get them out of the way.

First item – cartoons and how they have changed through history. I found a Popeye cartoon the other day and was pretty amused to see this:Photobucket

That would be Popeye with the usual pipe in mouth, being punched out by Bluto who is ashing his cigar. As health conscious as the spinach popping Popeye appeared to be, I am guessing this wouldn’t fly today.

And next up, just something funny I saw on the other day:


This does nothing to help the media’s liberal image but then again, maybe there just wasn’t anything to say about McCain that day. If you can’t say anything nice . . .

Free Documentaries
09 6 2008, 12:16 pm
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Ever go to your local video store and check out the documentary section? 

If they have such a section, it is probably disapointing. Especially if you are looking for a documentary on a subject that is unpopular in your particular geographic region.

This website offers a great number of documentaries for download, for free. Quick, easy, don’t sign up for anything – in terms of how easy and accessible it is, it is just like YouTube.

The way it ought to be – the free exchange of information and ideas.

(The following links are to the official webpages of the individual documentaries. For the free downloadable versions you have to hit

I recommend Jesus Camp, Earthlings, Bowling for Columbine,  . . . well, I can’t name them all. There are also specials that have aired on PBS, CBC, BBC, etc.

What I love about the website is the fact I can watch these all for free and I don’t have to pay for a cause I may not believe in.

Funny enough there are still documentaries available on the site that I would really prefer to own. I own Supersize Me and I just don’t get tired of it. Jesus Camp and Bowling for Columbine are also movies I would like to own. Bowling for Columbine is exciting to me because of the numerous references to Michigan and the fact that I personally know James and Terry Nichols and their families. I’ve discussed Jesus Camp in the past. It has a great soundtrack and is an amazing look into the lives of a whole other culture within the United States that even the devoutly religious might not be aware of.

Anyhow, I say this is worthwhile to bookmark and check out whenever you have a free moment. I’m thrilled about it.

Ok, we need to talk about Texas for a minute
04 24 2008, 9:46 am
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The phone calls made to the hotlines in Texas by a “16 year old girl” who claimed to be beaten and raped by her 50 year old FLDS husband were, more likely than not, made by a 30-something woman in Colorado Springs who has no ties to the FLDS church.


This woman, Rozita Swinton, has been arrested and charged for false reporting numerous times in the past – this woman clearly has an illness and is looking for attention. All past reports have included false names, a convincing young voice, and the allegations have gotten increasingly more sophisticated as time has gone on. Assuming her goal is attention, I am guessing she has been frustrated with how little of it she has gotten. Reports of abuse and crimes typically don’t lead to raids of homes. They lead to an investigation if you are lucky. The police say they have found items in her home that seem to suggest she has knowledge of the FLDS church – I am guessing books but they wouldn’t say. It wouldn’t be hard to get enough information about the church to make a claim and personally, I think they were just waiting for any excuse to get into that sect.

So what does it mean if her reports are indeed what set off the investigation? Well, based on the fact that they knew the calls were coming from Colorado Springs when the arrest warrant was obtained, claims of “good faith” should fall on deaf ears. (At least once a real court gets a hold of this case).

Here is my prediction – no criminal charges will be filed and even if they are, they will be tossed out. Everything will end up in civil court with the focus on protecting the children from the abuse that the police and prosecutors claim has been so prevalent in the sect. If a Texas court refuses to throw out the cases that arise from this, it is unlikely the fight will stop – enough attorneys are disgusted with what is happening down there that they would be more than willing to defend sect members free of charge. What a mess.