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Holiday Hubabaloo
12 23 2008, 4:02 pm
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I was sooooo looking forward to the holidays. I should have expected law school to once again make the holidays a bit more insane than usual. Being dumped in the season just days before Christmas after being cooped up for a couple weeks of intense studying at home alone is like entering a new dimension. 


Most of you reading will already know about “Computer fiasco 2008”.  For anyone who doesn’t know, basically my lap top went on the fritz. Mom and Ron told me they bought me a new one for x-mas and they shipped it to me. I spent hours on the phone with AT&T trying to hook up to the wireless internet and am left thinking AT&T is total shit. The following day I discover that the computer was a lemon. I go to Best Buy sans receipt in an attempt to get an exchange within the 14 day exchange period and before “return season” starts after Christmas. The computer is completely out of stock in, like, the whole damn state. I find a new computer that is a bit of an upgrade from the one purchased for my gift for 30 bucks less. Bim, bam, boom – I have a new computer.

Everyone goes home happy.

So now I am busy working on the paper that started this whole fiasco and trying to organize gifts and wrapping and packing for my trip with Brian to Michigan. We are still watching the weather closely and there is likely to be some yuckiness along the way but so far it looks like as long as we can get out of here on Christmas morning, we are good to go. 


I will keep everyone updated as I go along. Have a merry Christmas if you don’t hear from me!


So now what about other stuff
12 4 2008, 11:14 am
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Ok so you’re all tired of reading about politics, veganism, whatever else I drone on about . . . so what else is going on in my life?

Well, my last day of the semester is tomorrow! WOOHOO! I will have my nose buried in a book (even more) for the next couple weeks as a deal with finals. Not a whole lot more to say about it than that.

Brian and I are back into the swing of things with working out. The gym is busier than ever too with guilt laden individuals trying to work off the beginning of the holiday pounds. I’ve increased my weight during body pump and I managed to do an entire hour on the eliptical the other night shedding a whopping 500 calories!

Christmas is right around the corner – this Sunday is tree triming with Brian’s family, Christmas eve is also going to be spent with his fam and Christmas day we head to Michigan for the shot-gun visit of the year:

25th – set off for Michigan, destination = mom and Ron’s place.

26th – off to the desolate thumb to see dad.

27th – mom’s family x-mas in the thumb, back to Detroit at night.

28th – haul ourselves back to Indy OR alternatively we might come back on the 29th depending on weather and/or how whipped we are. 

Mind you, we are at the mercy of the weather. If it is really nasty my plan is to wrap up a portion of the gifts in bubble wrap, haul them to the nearest post office, ship, return home to a blanket and cat and have a very quiet christmas. I’m hoping I don’t have to call off the trip but the reality is that so far this “winter”, Michigan has already experienced treacherous weather – mom and Ron had an 8 hour ride home from Thanksgiving for crying out loud!! White knuckles and a stomach tied in knots is just not the kind of stuff the holidays should be made of.

I’ll keep ya posted.

Thanksgiving visit and a blast from the past.
12 1 2008, 10:02 am
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*Today is World AIDS Day – more later*

So mom and Ron were here Thanksgiving day and they left early yesterday morning ending their trip with the ride from hell back to Michigan. It was apparently an icy nightmare most of the ride back. They are home now safe but tired.  It was a nice trip – busy, but nice. When they arrived they unloaded new furniture for me – a chair, filing cabinets, and a scale. While they were here, my futon cover arrived and Brian and I moved the aquarium and tv so it is like having a whole new living room!



Thursday night mom, Ron, Brian and I all went to see Four Christmases. It was good. Most of Friday and Saturday was spent shopping at antique malls in the area. I think it in the future mom might just need to come down here for a week or so, whether or not I am in school and go do some shopping. There is just too much to see down here and she has more energy to antique than the rest of us combined. I did get a few very cool items while we were out. Mom and Ron bought me a beautiful ring and one of my favorite purchases was a set of 8 brand new 1950’s glasses still in their box. They had been poorly stored and so they all needed a good washing. Last night I popped the one glass that had some missing color on it into the dishwasher to see if they would hold up in there. It turned out beautifully and they will make a fantastic addition in my 50’s kitchen.


Today – no school, no work, just lots of homework and continued cleaning/clearing up.

Happy Thanksgiving!
11 27 2008, 9:15 am
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Good morning and happy thanksgiving! Just a couple things to talk about today.

A) My neighbor – I wanted to sneakily open the door this morning (7am) to see if I could slip the key under the door in a way that mom and Ron could get at it if they arrive to my apartment before I am back from dinner. I wanted to be sneaky because, obviously I didn’t want anyone to see what I was up to and because I am wearing cat fur covered clothing, no bra, my glasses, and my hair is a disaster. I open the door a crack and see a paid of shoes in the hallway, complete with attached feet. I figured it was a kid playing around so I open the door up and look down to see my neighbor, dressed in bar clothes, just waking up from what appears to have been a very rough night. I’m not really sure what the hell he was doing and he tried to explain but, well, I went to college – no explanation necessary. I know the poor guy has to work today – he mentioned in in passing over the weekend and I heard him leave for work just a few minutes after he managed to get into his apartment. I thought the days of people sleeping in hallways was over . . . NEVER!


B) The Today show – if you didn’t see the clip at 7:30 with the muppets  . . . it wasn’t funny. It was sad! Premise: turkey tries to convince Al to cook steak for Thanksgiving and then bull shows up and thinks the steak is his mother! 

WTF!?!?! If that is supposed to be the way we feel better about eating about a zillion turkeys today, it didn’t work. SHeesh!


In other news, today I will be meeting up with Brian at noon and head over to his Aunt and Uncle’s place. Dinner is around 2 with Brian’s whole fam. After dinner, mom and Ron will be arriving here at some point. I am guessing it will be a quiet evening at home while we move in the new chair they are bringing me and we discuss plans for the weekend.

Hope everyone out there has a great day with family, friends, and  . . . hopefully no one eats until they get sick!! 


Oh, and if you want a recommendation for some fun Thanksgiving tv (adults only) after dinner, I recommend South Park episode “Helen Keller the Musical”.  There is a part in that show about “humanely” killing turkeys. It might be offensive to some but I think it makes a great point in a fairly humorous way.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . well, almost.
11 11 2008, 10:36 am
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Is it Christmas yet? I don’t know why I am in such a hurry for the holidays to arrive – they will likely be as crazy and nutty as ever as I try to fit in everything I need to get done into a very short period of time. I’m praying for good weather!

This weekend was particularly crazy. It was freezing cold and yet the stores were packed like it was the week before X-mas! I wanted to get a new battery for my watch and even the jewelry store was packed.

Right next door to the jewelry store was a futon shop where I ordered a new cover for Brian’s futon which is now comfortably sitting in my living room. The current cover is plain black and Oliver is quickly turning it a fluffy gray. I’ve slept on the futon for a few nights now to check out the mattress and break it back in. I think my parents will certainly be pleasantly surprised at how much more comfortable this set up will be in comparrison to the old couch. Sunday night Brian’s sister and her fiance helped us to move the old hide-away couch to the thrift store. I’m happy to know that the couch is gone – it certainly did it’s job well but that thing was a bear to move and I had nightmares about what kind of saw we would need to get it out of there. Moving it now when I’m not having to move myself takes a load off of my mind. 


My holiday shopping is coming along. I’ve completed shopping for a couple people and I have some ideas for most of the others. Hopefully my ideas will all fall into place and the weather won’t keep my from getting gifts to recipients! I’d hate to have to mail some of this stuff!

09 21 2008, 10:28 pm
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I have no clue what is happening for Halloween this year. It is a rare day that I even care – it is not my favorite holiday by a long shot. However, last night I suddenly was in the spirit when I discovered the greatest Halloween costume ever!! haha. 


I think I’ll be taking a video shot of my lil Rhinestone Cowboy closer to the holiday.

Last year after the fact I discovered a ton of fun, freaky recipes for party crowds and I would love to take a shot at some of them. Maybe this year I’ll make some if we go to a party and/or I might whip up a couple trial batches for Brian and his friends. I’m thinking of creating some eyeballs, bleeding hearts, and there is a really tasty sounding “flesh eating worm”. Yum yum.

So what else is up? Brian and I worked out yesterday morning and then went to a local breakfast joint. I got cherries jubilee crepes – HOLY&*^%!!!! They were amazing! The rest of Saturday and today I spent cleaning up the bathroom, kitchen, and watching movies. For the first time in . . . perhaps ever, the entire apartment is CLEAN! Garbage has been taken out, aquarium is filled and free of algae, you could eat in the bathroom, and dishes are clean and put away . . . and I can sleep wherever the heck I feel like! My goal is to keep the place manageable for good but at least until mom and Ron arrive for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, I think they will be able to come down on Wednesday night this year rather than on Thanksgiving day. For the last two years I have gone to Brian’s Aunt and Uncle’s place to eat the big meal and then got home in time to meet mom and Ron. This year however we will be celebrating the holiday the weekend before so on Thanksgiving itself we will be free. I’m exciting to have them down this year as it will be the first time the apartment won’t be in transition. I do plan to have Ron help me move the aquarium and television while they are here but otherwise there won’t be a whole lot of odd jobs that will need to be done this time around.

Well that is all for now – this week will likely prove to be the same ole same ole.

06 16 2008, 12:11 am
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Well phooey. It is 12:05am – I missed blogging for yesterday by 5 minutes. Anyhow, Brian and I went to his Aunt and Uncle’s place to celebrate father’s day with his family. We had a lot of fun – lunch, pool, visiting, cornhole…or whatever that game is.

In the morning it is back to work for me. It will be a very busy week – I am supposed to be mooting two suppression hearings this week with different attorneys. That should be fun. The actual hearings are the 26th. I will be sure to share the results afterwards. Tomorrow afternoon/night I’ll be busy with homework – fun fun of course. 🙂


And now for some lolcat lawyer style: