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Is that your caveman?
08 18 2008, 8:15 pm
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I’ve discussed intellectual property rights in the past. My post today is about a less obvious possible infringement. I downloaded an episode of the Pink Panther yesterday on iTunes entitled Prehistoric Pink. One of the very first shots in the show is this:


Immediately I knew that little caveman looked a little too familiar.


I can’t tell you when Little Ceasars created their spokes-cartoon or when this character first appeared on an episode of the Pink Panther. I just found it interesting and notable.


Oh, and an update. In my previous posts about possible copyright infringement of the Shawnimal Wee Ninja, it appears that there has been a resolution of some sorts. The creator of Shawnimals proudly has announced the future release of Ninja Town, a video game for the Nintendo DS. How is that for getting business done!?! Congrats to him.


 (I happen to own a Wee Ninja now. He is stealthfully watching me type this).

 P.S. Oliver is working undercover as we speak. Perhaps we’ll have his latest story for you later in the week 😉


Welcome 2008
01 1 2008, 9:54 am
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I’m uber excited about 2008.

2007 wasn’t a “bad year”… but it sure wasn’t a great year.

Then again, some great things did happen in ’07. I moved into my own apartment, Oliver came into my life and has been busy brightening it up ever since, and Moot Court helped me realize I still have it. I may be a bit rusty, but I still clean the competition up 😉 And we cannot forget the things in life that continued to go right and well; relationships that have been maintained, friends that have kept in touch, cars that have continued to run haha.

So 2007 wasn’t bad, but 2008 is going to be great. I just know it. I turn 25 in 26 days and I have always looked forward to turning 25. I know for some people 25 seems like a milestone they don’t want to hit. Not me! I have waited my whole young life to “grow up” and I can finally see things beginning to fall into place. As much as friends and family told me to enjoy the moment and just relax, I couldn’t help but focus on the day I would be in a home of my own and developing a career life. I realize that a home, a family, and a kick-ass career won’t happen this year, but I know that 2008 is going to be a huge stepping stone for me.

I can’t tell you what exactly it is I expect to happen this year (I wish I had those kind of powers). Something just tells me it is gonna be a big year for me and I can’t wait to see what 2008 and 25 have in store for me!

Happy New Year!

the citychicken on politics… or maybe just on greed.
12 4 2007, 10:33 am
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I have been wanting for some time to write my opinions regarding the current presidential hopefuls. As I began writing, I realized I have more to say about the issues and the current climate of our country than I do about the candidates themselves.

I think the United States has gotten very lucky for a very long time – the last time our country really hadto ban together on an issue in order to make progress was during World War II. People sacrificed in thier daily lives for the greater good of the country and the world. The war wasn’t something that was going on in a far off land that only the military and the government was affected by, the whole country was affected by it and knew it every day.

My point (which has NOTHING to do with Iraq by the way), is that the entire country was moving forward on an issue because everyone was in support.

We keep looking to the politicians to make changes for us and then bitch when they don’t. Hasn’t anyone else noticed that the country is split nearly 50/50 on every single major political issue out there right now? How can anyone make changes when there is no majority regarding anything?

I am convinced that the only way for any major changes to take place at this point in time is for it to happen grass-roots style. If every person in the country set out what they would like to see for themselves, their family, and their country in the future and then acted accordingly, maybe something could get done.

It is the “acting accordingly” bit that is the problem however. When I say people should look to what they want for themselves in the future,  I don’t mean what car they want or what zip code they want to live in! I mean what kind of values you want your children to uphold. I mean what kind of career you want to follow in order to make yourself feel fulfilled – not rich!  I am talking about being able to say one day “I made a difference”, not “I own a 1/2 a million dollar home”!

I think about what I want for the future. Of course money comes into the picture. I want enough money to send my children to college if they so choose. I want to be able to pay the bills. I don’t want to ever be thousands of dollars in debt and look around my home and realize that if I hadn’t been so greedy, maybe I wouldn’t be in that position. I don’t ever want my children to think they are better than anyone else for any reason or vice-versa, and I certainly don’t want them to base any such idea on material possessions!

I wonder what it would be like to work for the satisfaction and not for the money. I hope one day to find out.

And in the end I realize it isn’t about politics or the next President. It is about me and what I can do for myself and my country.

morality and “the question”
08 27 2007, 9:54 am
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What a feeling – I am here at school early like I have intended and I am already done studying for my only class today and have very little reading left to do for tomorrows class and I have two and a half hours of study time left! This is going to be fabulous once I need to begin working on moot court.

So I wanted to discuss a question that lawyers are often asked of by non-lawyers. It is a question I myself was asked on Saturday in my professional responsibility class by the professor. The professor first asked the class generally who wanted to be a criminal defense attorney. I was one of three who raised a hand. The professor looked directly at me and asked “what do you tell family and friends when they ask ‘how could you defend someone you know is guilty'”?

I answered in a somewhat “classical” fashion; that I believe the system works and in order for it to work in the way intended, everyone deserves and must have their day in court. Today it is someone guilty but tomorrow it may not be. If the standards are lowered for one, they can be lowered for all.

My criminal procedure book and my professional responsibility book call the people who ask this morally entrenched question “lay persons”. I think this is a condescending way of looking at it. Not only do non-lawyers often ask this question, but academics have pondered it for centuries. There must be something more to this question of morality. Is the question “how can I help someone guilty to not be punished” or is the question “do I condone the actions of the party”?

While these questions may be legitimate, I don’t think they represent the real question within all of us. The majority of the population wants no association to these people at all, none the less a seemingly sympathetic one! I think the real question has to do with our own feelings of not wanting to appear apart from the crowd, not wanting to be labeled, not wanting to be cast out from society.

Today on my way to school I passed a woman walking who was trying to cross the street. She appeared to be in her fifties and I say that she was “trying” to cross the road because it appeared to be a serious undertaking for her. She was clearly being tortured and tormented by something that was in her mind and her mind alone. She looked terrified as she sped up, slowed down, and swatted at the air. She turned quickly to face her “tormentor” and then tried to race away from “it”. The rush hour traffic sped by and so did I, leaving her in the middle of a street in one of the worst parts of town. We don’t want to see her, just like we don’t want to see the criminals. Maybe one day she will become a “criminal” – attacking a real person rather than just the air. Is there anyone out there who disagrees with me that she deserves someone by her side should she ever face the possibility of criminal charges? I doubt it. But they will say she is an exception, she is “sick”. She needs medical care and she certainly shouldn’t be placed in the same kind of place as rapists and murderers. But who is going to point that out? Police would be doing their job arresting someone for assault, the prosecutor is busy cracking down on crime, the judge is seeing how many cases today? While all of these people have a responsibility to watch out for the exceptions to the rule, if it were you, wouldn’t you want someone exclusively on your side?

No, the system doesn’t always work just like every system on the planet. That is why we need people who want to see it work take part.

oh lord
06 25 2007, 10:11 pm
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I can’t help but put this video in my blog. I recently heard about a new attraction in the area – the Creation Museum. It isn’t just any museum. The size, attractions, and the $ put into it ranks it up there with some of the worlds top natural history museums. However, the big difference is that the Creation Museum is based solely and completely upon the bible.

So what?

Well…. that means that 6000 years ago, on the fateful “6th day”, God not only made Adam and Eve, he also made dinosaurs. Oh yea, and that also means that all varieties of dinos boarded Noah’s Arc too!

So how did Noah manage to get off of the arc after being on board with two T-Rex’s? The museum explains that the bible tells us that animals did not fear man until they got off of the arc. OK, fair enough. But didn’t they get HUNGRY on the arc?!?!

Brian and I and some of our friends have been wanting to go…but part of me is wondering how I feel about giving any money to a museum that promotes a completely scientifically inaccurate history of the world! I would be fine with many other exhibits – the Garden of Eden, even a Noah’s Arc exhibit… shit, I would even be more ok if they just said that fossils were just funky looking rocks and that dinosaurs never existed… but to say that dinosaurs and the entire PLANET was made just 6000 years ago really grabs my metaphorical goat!

Watch the video…


women and that thing called jealousy… i think…
06 6 2007, 1:56 pm
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I would like to hear other people’s reaction/opinion on this.

I recently responded to a bulletin posted by an old friend on Myspace. It has been about a year since I have spoken to him and I teasingly chided him about his propensity to fall off the face of the earth. Turns out that it wasn’t an accident. He responded to my message by apologizing for not keeping in touch and continued by writing out a long story about how every time he has spoken to me his girlfriend has gotten very upset – screaming, crying, etc .

What I find curious however is the fact that she became so angry about him staying in touch with me although we had never dated, I have never had nor shown any interest in him, I had moved nearly two hours away at first and now live in a completely different state – i.e., I don’t pose any threat to their relationship.

This brings me to the topic of jealousy and my ultimate question.

If I had been my friend’s gf, I likely would not have been terribly upset by the friendship, but assume that I was upset by it for the purposes of this question. I likely would have asked about me, maybe made a joke or brought up a minor conversation but I would have never shown that I was very angry or upset even if that is how I had truly felt. So who would have been right in this situation? Me for holding my feelings in and allowing an innocent friendship to continue but possibly irk me the whole time or her for appearing to overreact but getting the outcome that she wanted – he stopped speaking to me and the friendship has simply died with time?

Does it come down to us personally and our selfish desires? The desire to have peace of mind and control (overreacting) or the desire to appear tactful, confident, or nonchalant (saying nothing)?

Meh… no clue…

oops! (and i’m officially in love)
04 14 2007, 8:46 pm
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Today in Target I found myself pacing back in forth in two areas of the grocery section that have recently captured my adoration: the wine aisle and the tea section.

 oopsy.jpgIn the wine section I began to search through the red wines, looking for something I haven’t yet tried. I was specifically looking for something described as either “voluptuous” or “supple.” And sure enough, I came across a wine by the name of Oops!; ablend of Cabernet Franc and Carmenere. Oops! also makes a Merlot-Carmenere blend and a white Carmenere. I picked up the Cab-Carmenere blend and opened it just about a 1/2 hour ago and I am totally smitten.

“Voluptuous” and “full-bodied” certainly come to mind, but so does “gentle”. Some reds seem so heavy and chewy to me. Oops! just floats down your throat without catching and leaving a strong after-taste. While other reds are good with heavy meat dishes, they often seem inappropriate to drink alone or to have with a vegetarian meal or appetizer. This wine is perfect for those situations and would make a lovely compliment when you were hoping for a red but nothing else seemed appropriate.

And, the bottle was on sale for a measly $9.99… I will be picking up Oops! other blends the next time I am in Target!

Tea has come to my attention via my favorite podcast: Vegetarian Food for Thought. If you haven’t yet listened to an episode, I highly suggest it. Even if you are certainyou will never become a vegetarian/vegan, take a listen to one of Colleen’s earlier episodes. I find her voice and her message very calming and peaceful. She brings a real sense of compassion and honesty to her podcast without making you feel bad for what you aren’t doing. And she has given me some fabulous ideas for ways to make small, easy, changes to my diet that can make a real difference in the world, one meal at a time!

Anyhow, back to the tea. Colleen often references her love of tea in her podcast and it encouraged me to pick up a box last time I was in Target.

I bought a box of TAZO tea in the Wild Sweet Orange variety. First of all, I was very impressed with the fact that the color of the tea was actually orange. I know this is frivolous, but it certainly made me happy to see the cheery color fill my mug. After such a pleasant experience with the orange tea, I grabbed another box at Kroger the other night of the black Tazo Chai tea. I have never had a black tea before and I enjoyed this just as much as the orange variety. It was full of wonderful spices and the intense scent of cloves filled the entire house.

As much as I would be thrilled to know I encouraged someone to try a new wine or tea or a new vegetarian dish, there is a bigger point to this post – there are some very simple and lovely pleasures in life that we often overlook in our daily hustle and bustle. I have recently found some “quiet” joy in wine and tea; “quiet” because it is a feeling I experience all by myself and something I can secretly take part in that makes my day seem just a bit more peaceful and complimentary. I encourage you all to find something that you can personally take pleasure in that makes your day seem just a big brighter.

Enjoy your weekend.