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10 14 2008, 7:41 am
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Last night Brian and I went to see Religulous. I doubt I need to tell anyone that if they are devout, they need not attend this movie. If they are on the fence . . . well . . . this movie is still hard core. You need an open mind or at least need to be able to laugh at beliefs from all religions that are obviously odd. We both like Bill Maher and we enjoyed the movie.

About a third of the way into the movie, Bill visits the Creation Museum – the place Brian and I plan to go to next Friday. Maybe it seems a bit odd for the two of us to go to such a place. I know a number of devout Christians who don’t believe in the “science” of the Bible and outside of Christians, I know NO ONE who believes in the information this museum inculcates. Nonetheless, the reason I want to go is precisely because there is an entire museum dedicated to such ideas and not just a hut off a back road – we are talking about a huge, multi-million dollar establishment supported by some incredibly influential figures. 

One down side to the movie; I have more things I want to read now! I don’t have time to get interested in a new subject but I would love to learn more about ancient Greek and Egyptian religions. In the movie, Bill talks about an ancient Egyptian God, Horus. I’ve done some cursory searching on the internet and it turns out his story is damn near identical to the story of Jesus. The names have been changed, but barely and in most cases they were simply translated. Let me put this into some legal terms; if the nonfiction book of Horus appeared in Barnes and Noble and a year later the nonfiction book of Jesus showed up next to it, the author of the Jesus book would be in deep shit.


An evening at the IMAX.
07 20 2008, 10:59 am
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On Wednesday afternoon, Brian and I scoped out Fandango for tickets to The Dark Knight at the local IMAX. It opened Friday and the midnight showings on Thursday were sold out as were the 7 and 10 o’clock shows on Friday. So we opted to buy tickets for Saturday night at 10. The theatre was a mad house, but in the end it was all worth it.


The movie was great, Heath Ledger was amazing, and I have only one complaint. It is too long. I recently heard a saying that you can keep people’s attention for as long as their ass can take it. Very true. My ass was numb from sitting so long and once I got to that point, it was hard to continue paying attention. But it sure was easy to pay attention otherwise! The movie was full of action and thrills and was all around bad-ass. I have to say though, between Two Face (eeek!) and the Joker, this was not a children’s movie which is too bad. All of the recent super hero flicks have been targeted toward the 20-something set and kids are missing out.

Well, today Brian and I are probably going to head to his aunt and uncle’s for the day. Ciao.

Busy weekend
07 13 2008, 10:30 pm
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Phew! Long, long weekend! Brian and I went to a late night showing of Hellboy II on Friday night along with his roommate and his gf. The movie was … ok. It wasn’t as good as the first Hellboy which I watched via television the night before to get acquainted. We didn’t get back to his place until after 1am!

Saturday we had planned on going to Brian’s company picnic but when we woke up in the morning it was nasty, storming, and no day for a picnic. We went back to bed instead. In the evening we met up with his family for dinner downtown which was very nice.

As much as we really did do a lot of relaxing this weekend, I am exhausted! Today Brian and his roommate brought over a new TV for me — well, the TV is new to me. It belonged to Brian’s roommate who just bought himself a new HDTV. It is a 32 in flat panel television and it weighs a TON! I was of no help moving it so the boys took it upon themselves to get it here. Only problem now is that the aquarium has disappeared literally behind the tv! Otherwise, it fits in pretty well AND the top is so huge that all of my electronics fit on it! lol. I have the DVR, DVD/VCR player, the AT&T receiver, and the Wii on top of the television with room to spare! I am thinking I will rearrange my bedroom (the last room of the apt. to be cleaned and organized) and put the old 19 in television in there either on the stand or on the dresser. And best of all, with just a quick un-screw of a coax, I can move the dvd/vcr player from the living room to the bedroom quickly if I want to fall asleep to the Golden Girls haha.

Well, tomorrow is my final exam for school and I have work to do prior to that. Time for bed!! TTYL!

A nice 4th and a busy weekend ahead.
07 5 2008, 10:47 am
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The 4th was really nice this year. Brian came over and we made city chicken as part of my Ultimate City Chicken Showdown. This batch was Crisco vs. margarine. The verdict? Tie!

We had our lunch and then headed out to the theatre to see Hancock. My take on the movie: it could have been a LOT better. With all of the great “super hero” movies that have recently come out (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and very shortly Batman), this one fell short. Will Smith did a great job in an unusual role for him and the first half of the movie is really good. Then it got . . . odd. Fortunately the movie ended before it went overboard. I just think they could have taken this movie in a zillion different (and better) directions. All around I say it is worth watching… on DVD.

After the movie Brian and I headed downtown for the fireworks. They were fabulous! Shot off of one of the tallest buildings in the city, there aren’t many “bad” locations to be. We happened to find a great spot, take a walk, and then head back to the car for the actual fireworks. We really enjoyed them.

When I got home at 11, I wasn’t tired. I have been cleaning and organizing for quite a while now and last night the TV show “Clean House” came on. Brian had told me earlier in the day not to be a packrat – this pissed me off into action. I decided last night I have too much stuff for my place. So I bagged/boxed up a ton of things. Some for sale, some for donation, some for the dumpster. I certainly didn’t need to get rid of it all, but its nice to have more storage space. For the most part it is impossible to tell I got rid of anything unless you know what my desk and closets looked like… nonetheless, I am impressed with myself.

Today I have to write a motion and get it finished. Tomorrow – homework. Monday – trial. *phew*


Rambo reviewed in 10 seconds or less
01 28 2008, 10:09 am
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A) Did you like the first three movies?

YES: Then go see this movie.

NO (or didn’t see them): Don’t bother.

The story line was lacking a bit for anyone who isn’t familiar with the rest of the story. “John” (as he goes by now), didn’t have a lot of lines and he didn’t share a lot of emotion like he did in the first movies. But that, I think, was the point. The other movies all clearly had political statements about the young men returning from Vietnam and this movie showed how one individual who had been through all that Rambo had through might end up.

And, of course, Rambo is kick ass in this movie and thanks to modern technology, the blood and gore is… almost excessive at times but it offered some laughs and some excitement at getting to see my favorite movie hero cause raise some hell.

I give it two thumbs up!

OK, back to reading for crim pro.  I will be sure to update all about my birthday later today probably!!

i am . . . kinda like that other movie . . .
12 20 2007, 11:55 pm
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Brian and I went to see I Am Legend tonight. Here is my super quick assessment. I Am Legend = a mutated version of 28 Days Later crossed with Cast Away.

28 Days Later similarities:

  • zombies? check
  • disease caused by human beings? check
  • creepy / scary moments? check
  • other survivors? check

Cast Away similarities:

  • Uno performer taking on 90% of the movie? check
  • non-human friend whose demise will make you tear up? check
  • slight insanity from lack of human contact? check
  • suicide attempt? check

So as you can see, it really is a combo of the two movies. If you have seen them both, you probably don’t NEED to see this movie. But, I will give it this: Will Smith did a great job, there is terrific flash back timing, and Sam the dog deserves it’s own TV show – he/she had great expressions.

Oh, and Will Smith’s daughter (real life) does a great job in her role as… well, Will Smith’s daughter (movie verison).

Oliver has the hiccups. Cute.


WHOA! I have no clue how I just made that big like that… it was an accident of multi-finger movement on the keyboard… NIFTY!

A movie review – sort of.
11 26 2007, 10:25 am
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Saturday night, Brian and I went to see No Country for Old Men. Although I am not prepared to say I loved the movie, in retrospect, this movie did have an interesting theme and, dare I say it,”moral”. It begs to be watched again at the very least.

The movie is not a gripping tale of the battle between good and evil but instead an insight directly into evil. And not just the kind of evil that the villain of the film represents, (good ‘ol conscienceless, murderous evil) but also greed based evil which is represented by the character who is mainly followed throughout the film – Llewellyn Moss.

Moss, while hunting in a desolate area of Texas, comes across a drug cartel shootout. Along with drugs, cars with flattened tires, and loads of bodies, he finds one man who is still breathing and begging for “agua” and a satchel full of money. Moss takes the money and leaves only to find himself kept up that night by his conscience about the man begging for water. Moss fills a jug with water and returns to the scene – a move which will set up the mayhem which ensues throughout the entire length of the film. From that point on, Llewellyn Moss is tracked by the true villain of the film, Anton Chigurh. In the same way as Moss had hunted deer in the beginning sequence, Chigurh hunts Moss – without conscience, remorse, or even a realization that he should have a conscience.

Oh and yes, Tommy Lee Jones is in this movie too. The sheriff who is intelligent, quick witted, and totally powerless to stop the chaos that has been unleashed.

So what in the world is the “moral” of this story? Well, sadly it might just be that the old adage about “minding your own business” is not necessarily a bad rule to follow. If Moss hadn’t checked out the carnage and instead just contacted the police, he would have been able to go on living his life just as he had been.

Some might say that the theme is that if Moss hadn’t had a conscience at all and had just let the man in the truck die, he could have gone on living life and he would have been able to keep the money – what those people forget however is the tracking device placed in the satchel. If Moss had indeed just taken the money and forgot all about the dying drug carrier, he would have likely still be found by the persistent and insane Chigurh and would have had no clue he was even in danger.

It is the money which caused (and would have caused) the carnage no matter what.

If you liked Fargo, you will like No Country for Old Men – the linguistic and regional humour is again present and this movie takes the darkness of Fargo and times it by about 100.