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Rooster in the Coop!
05 29 2009, 2:35 pm
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I’ve been lacking in updates lately but can you blame me? 

Bar review began this Tuesday, I have a trial coming up, oh, and did I mention Brian lives with me now??

Yup, we got Brian almost all moved in on Saturday. He is still paying rent on the old place for a couple weeks – his old roomie is still there until the 10th so we haven’t gotten everything out of there yet, but all of the important stuff has been moved. 

We utilized a storage unit because my place is fairly small but I am pretty impressed with how well everything has fit so far. We are making it work. We are getting ourselves situated with the new arrangement and it is going along fine. The only clear downside I have noticed so far is that the housework, dishes, and just general daily upkeep has tripled. If I were to just toss my clothes from the day on the floor or bed in the evening like I used to, things would get out of control in no time. I’ve worked hard so far to keep the place as well organized as I can and it seems to be working out pretty well.

Things are good otherwise. This is going to be a very busy summer with studying for the bar but so far it hasn’t been too bad. I am sure things will start to get hectic this weekend/next week. 


Well, I wish I was better at updating but right now I need to do some cleaning, check on supper, and organize a plan for weekend studying.



So what hell happened with your old roommate?
11 27 2007, 10:08 pm
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I have been informed by a regular reader that I never really explained, via the blog, what was going on with my landlord/roommate back in the late summer months. Now that it is all over, I guess I can say a little something about it:

I think I owe my freedom to my old roommates girlfriend…

Not because she wanted to help me out or anything…  I am going to leave this at that for now – use your imaginations and giggle.

just a quick update
09 27 2007, 8:27 am
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Hello – it has been a busy week. Busy with unpacking, moot court, school, and whatever else happened that I can’t even remember now.

On Monday Brian, his father and roommate came over to deliver a couch which Brian’s aunt has given me. It is a large blue “fold out” couch and boy oh boy did it end up being a pain to get into the apt! It was clearly heavy – all three of them were hot and sweaty and making lots of “lifting noises” … all I could offer was to be a door holder and as much of a guide as possible – although even guiding was difficult as it was impossible to see around the couch at all.

My apt. is considered the “terrace level” – basically there is no “first floor” to my building. You enter the apartment building and are standing on a landing with the option to either go upstairs or downstairs  – my apartment is down and when you look out the windows, you are looking directly at grass.

So they got the couch through the building door and downstairs and down the hallway without too much trouble – it was getting it to turn the corner and make it through my apt. door that was the issue. For future reference, we should have videotaped the whole scenario so we can remember how to do it when I move again (which hopefully will not be for a solid two years!)

Anyhow, I pulled out the folding bed, put my own mattress on top of the one that came with the couch, and I have been sleeping in the living room — I simply don’t have the time this week to organize everything and unpack completely so that is ok with me.

Yea, moot court…. it is keeping me busy and it is adding plenty of stress. But it should be ok.

Well, class should be starting anytime now. I will be cooped up for the rest of the week and weekend with moot court preperations and that is about it. Oh, and I have found a couple clubs here at school that I plan to join – I am excited about finally being able to get involved. Should be fun!


09 19 2007, 9:20 am
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I’ve been lax with the blog – I know. I am sorry about that. For those of you who are even remotely close to me, I am sure you can guess why. In all reality, anything I could have written in the last week or so would have probably been a babbling mess of emotions.

Well… I am still a babbling mess of emotions BUT these are good emotions. I have semi-moved into my new place. Hopefully tonight will be the very last time I have to remove anything from the old place. I will still have some cleaning to do and at some point this week I will have a walk-though of the house but other than that, I am moved.

I filled out a move-in report sheet yesterday at the new place. My ceiling fan doesn’t rotate – whoopdedoo. The maintenance man was over within the hour of handing in the sheet to check it out. The only “big” thing was the dishwasher. I had been told during my look-over of the model apartment that I would have a dishwasher in my unit. Well, it is missing. In fact, there has clearly never been one in the apartment at all. I just assumed that it was a mistake on the girl’s part who told me there would be one but Brian told me to ask the office about it. Thank goodness I did. They are coming out this week to measure a space for one and will be ordering one shortly. 🙂 (The staff at this place has been sooo helpful and patient during the whole moving process – I am thrilled with them!)

Cable and internet were hooked up in the new place yesterday so I happily (and very quickly) packed up some bedding and a light and plopped myself down in a make-shift bed on the living room floor last night. I read for class and watched HGTV until I fell asleep.

I am convinced that everything has happened the way it was intended to. Although I am confused about the “greater purpose” some of these events had, I will try to trust that it all has a reason.

09 7 2007, 8:47 am
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So the news is finally out and I don’t find it to be too shocking sadly: Madeleine McCann, the 4 year old who vanished in Portugal months ago, may have been the victim of a scheme developed by her parents.

There are so many reports of missing children all over the world and every time a parent turns up suspect, it has the potential to injure every other missing child investigation. At this time, Madeleine’s parents have been named as suspects but no other info has been given about the little girl or her whereabouts – hopefully she is alive and well somewhere.

In other news: I am @ school early this morning. I need to go watch a movie for one of my classes this morning and I am not totally sure how that works or where I am supposed to exactly go to do that…. but we shall see.

As for moving news, I told my roommate/landlord that I planned to move the 15/16th. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet so I assume that means that everything with his future renters is going as planned. He is rediculously busy this week preparing for a major exam this coming Monday so after that I should be able to get more info.

Well, I am gonna go figure out about this movie deal and get some studying done before class begins.


moving – the update
09 4 2007, 7:16 pm
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So I have some time now to update everyone and I also have more good news. Today after class I headed out to look at apartments. I began with a couple right by my current residence and found them to all be for “families”. The one bedroom apartments were generally huge and way out of my price range …. or just plain out of my price range. So I headed off to an older area of the Southside. Brian and I had looked at an apartment of a coworkers of his and I was really hoping they would have something available.

Well, it is kind of a long story but after a couple phone calls, a couple drop-ins, and some really good luck with a guy who cancelled his reservation on an apartment, I have a new place! It is a one bedroom with 700 sq. ft!!! For the cost, that is massive in comparrison to anything else I saw. In fact, I saw another 700 sq footer that cost $100 a month more and had a layout that made it appear to be much less square footage and I saw a 485 sq. footer that cost as much as what I will be paying a month! On top of all of that, my apartment is in the building with the leasing office and there is only one or two other actual rented apartments on my floor – everything else is offices or models! It should be a super quiet and nice building.

Overall, I will no longer have a garage or washer/dryer right with me and I will be paying more monthly than I am now because of bills. However those minor “losses” cannot compare to what I will be gaining – piece of mind, a place of my OWN, REAL CABLE!! lol, and the shear joy of leaving this place I am in now. I am just thrilled that not only am I able to get out of this current mess but I am able to move into a place that I really like and want to live in!

I’m still on the Southside of the city – not even 5 miles from where I am right now. I am a couple miles further from school but now I am located right off of a major expressway so my time to get to school should actually be better! Overall, I am just thrilled! I already have the new address memorized lol.

Unless all hell breaks lose (which I doubt), I plan to move on the 15th and 16th leaving myself time here at the house to paint my room and do any cleaning I see fit – (I am getting my deposit back!), thus there will be some overlap between apartment and house but that is life. 🙂

Well, thanks for listening everyone! I will be sure to keep you all updated as things move forward!

09 4 2007, 8:31 am
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So I don’t have much time to say a whole lot but it is official – I am moving! My roommate rented out his condo to a family on Monday and they plan to move in on the 28th of this month…. so that means I have to be outta there by the 24th or so.


I’ll be sure to update you all more later 😉