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An October Road Trip
10 19 2008, 7:22 am
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It was a busy couple of days. Friday morning, Brian and I headed off to Ohio to visit the closest Ikea. We both made some purchases. I bought a beautiful new quilt cover and a couple of other fun items for my kitchen and Brian got a new chair, pillows, and some other fun stuff as well.

Pulling into the Ikea area we passed a McCain rally – even though both McCain and Palin were not in Ohio yesterday. That is a tossup state for you – having rallies when the candidates aren’t even there! 

From Ikea we headed off to northern Kentucky to the Creation Museum. Picture time!

Jesus? Um . . .

Welcome to Eden!



Look closely in the trees . . . the serpent awaits!





That last picture is of Nessie . . .ok, not really. It is supposedly a sea serpent. Looks like Nessie to me though. Admittedly, I have no clue wtf that has to do with biblical scripture. I was spent on reading every last little piece of info by the time we took the scenic walk outside in the botanical bog and petting zoo.

There did have a zorse and a zonkey at the petting zoo! And to think, I had suggested we skip that part!!

We left the museum right at rush hour and got on a nightmarish I-75. Fortunately we weren’t on that for long and instead we were headed west toward southern Indiana to visit our friends Leslie and Sarah.

We arrived at their place around 9 and finally got to meet their daughter Clare. She is just lovely and only was 11 days old! I haven’t spent a lot of time around infants – she was a very good baby and just so sweet. We spent the night at Sarah and Leslie’s place and then had a BBQ picnic lunch with them and the baby on Saturday afternoon before Brian and I had to hit the road once again to return home.

We got back here at a decent time last night – I was able to unpack and prepare some scrapbook pages from our trip (with photos that actually have US in them haha) and I just relaxed and caught up on my recorded 7th Heaven episodes. lol – that is my new TV show addiction.

Well, tomorrow school resumes and so today will be full of related fun stuff. Ciao!


Mega weekend ahead!
10 16 2008, 7:41 pm
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So bright and early tomorrow morning Brian and I will head out armed with a cooler of sandwiches and our directions. We are first going to Ikea in Ohio – 2 hours away. Brian has a small shopping list and, even if we didn’t plan to buy anything at all, who doesn’t love Ikea!?

After Ikea we will be back on the road to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  From there we head 3 1/2 more hours away to southern Indiana to visit our friends and the newest addition to their family, their baby Clare. We are super excited about visiting them! 

We’ll spend the night with them and then come home Saturday. Brian works first thing Sunday morning and I have a lot of odd ball items to take care of before school is back in session on Tuesday.

I will be sure to take tons of pictures and gather lots of info about our fun filled weekend.


Your word is your bond, or something like that.
09 18 2008, 8:22 am
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I’m pretty sure not too long ago I mentioned something about wanting to update the blog at least a little bit each day. So much for that. 

So what has happened this week?

Well, Saturday Brian and I worked out in the morning for the first time in a while since he and I had been sick. It was really rough! In the afternoon we went to the State Museum. Some of the exhibits were really interesting and it was a pretty quiet day there so we had the place pretty much to our selves. The museum stayed true to its’ location and showed the evolution of the plants, people, and animals from the area over the millennia. At the exhibit about the pioneer era, I found myself looking around to try and figure out how someone could have stepped in cow shit. Brian found the source of the smell the hard way by sticking his nose right into a tube of manure. There was a whole set of tubes with different scents from the era. Go figure that you had to press your nose right against the tubes smelling like corn bread or lavender but the manure scent managed to permeate the entire area.

School is school. Evidence is somewhat entertaining as I watch a good number of my classmates look cross-eyed at the rules. I know how they feel, I am just glad I have gotten a taste of the rules already. Trusts and Estates is a really boring subject and although the professor is trying to spruce it up, it doesn’t help a whole lot. My other two classes have great potential to be interesting, we just haven’t gotten there yet. Hopefully it will get better here soon.

Today is a Thursday and Thursdays stink.  The rest of the week I’m hoping to make the best of and get caught up on some school stuff.

A nice 4th and a busy weekend ahead.
07 5 2008, 10:47 am
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The 4th was really nice this year. Brian came over and we made city chicken as part of my Ultimate City Chicken Showdown. This batch was Crisco vs. margarine. The verdict? Tie!

We had our lunch and then headed out to the theatre to see Hancock. My take on the movie: it could have been a LOT better. With all of the great “super hero” movies that have recently come out (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and very shortly Batman), this one fell short. Will Smith did a great job in an unusual role for him and the first half of the movie is really good. Then it got . . . odd. Fortunately the movie ended before it went overboard. I just think they could have taken this movie in a zillion different (and better) directions. All around I say it is worth watching… on DVD.

After the movie Brian and I headed downtown for the fireworks. They were fabulous! Shot off of one of the tallest buildings in the city, there aren’t many “bad” locations to be. We happened to find a great spot, take a walk, and then head back to the car for the actual fireworks. We really enjoyed them.

When I got home at 11, I wasn’t tired. I have been cleaning and organizing for quite a while now and last night the TV show “Clean House” came on. Brian had told me earlier in the day not to be a packrat – this pissed me off into action. I decided last night I have too much stuff for my place. So I bagged/boxed up a ton of things. Some for sale, some for donation, some for the dumpster. I certainly didn’t need to get rid of it all, but its nice to have more storage space. For the most part it is impossible to tell I got rid of anything unless you know what my desk and closets looked like… nonetheless, I am impressed with myself.

Today I have to write a motion and get it finished. Tomorrow – homework. Monday – trial. *phew*


What the heck is that?
06 20 2008, 9:45 am
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Yesterday I got my mail and finally the letter I have been waiting for arrived; the State Board of Law Examiners sent me my certification. Basically this letter says I can represent clients in court under the supervision of another attorney – I essentially can act as any attorney. As excited as I was to finally get this letter, the first thing I saw when I opened it was the official seal on the letterhead.

If you have any clue wtf this is, feel free to let me know.


Yea, I don’t know either.

In other news, yesterday’s trip to the Supreme Court was nice. We met with one of the Justices before the argument and we also met with an appellate court judge that our supervisor was a clerk for. They were both very nice and had some interesting stuff to share with us.
The argument itself was interesting; the Defendant in the original trial had been charged with an “A” felony of attempted molest of a child 13 years or younger. At the last minute (and past the time they can actually file new charges) the prosecutor added a second charge of attempted sexual misconduct with a minor between the ages of 14 and 16, a “B” felony.

During the trial, the only real evidence presented was that the young lady was 13 years old at the time this happened (only one specific event so there was an actual date and time in this case), but the jury only found him guilty of the B felony. So the question now is can this guy be charged with a crime that he couldn’t have possibly have committed because the girl wasn’t the age defined in the statutory language? And the “real” question is what do you do about the fact that he did commit a crime!? The Justices didn’t look too prepared to let him go scott free…

Tonight, Brian and I go to see Hulk! Woohoo! And this weekend I will be in all weekend cleaning – my place desperately needs a spring rub down. Oh and of course there will be some city chicken being made Sunday most likely!!!

A weekend away
06 8 2008, 11:45 pm
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Brian and I went to Evansville for the weekend to see our friends Leslie and Sarah. We had a great weekend. I will have to update you all about it tomorrow when I am more awake.

While we were away, we missed out on some major storms which caused the area to flood pretty badly. I took a couple videos of Columbus, IN on the way home. The footage isn’t really clear but you can certainly get the idea.

Talk to you later!

Columbus, Indiana Flood – from I-65

Columbus underwater

Florida – take 2
05 12 2008, 6:23 pm
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We are in Florida – “we” would be Brian and I, three of Brian’s good friends, along with their significant others (sans one who got stuck staying home), and Brian’s Aunt and Uncle. After a bizarre snafu at the airport on Saturday, I ended up flying without Brian and instead with two of his buddies. Brian had forgotten his wallet and didn’t realize it until we were standing at check in! Yea, he looked pretty pale and panicked but he ended up flying to Atlanta on stand-by and by 6pm was here in Florida with the rest of us.

We take pretty frequent walks on the beach finding all kinds of fun stuff. This year has been particularly lucrative thus far. On night number one, I discovered a large snail on the sidewalk – he seemed friendly (as friendly as a snail can seem) so I gathered him up and took him out to the picnic tables where I fed him a large crumb of Nutter Butter cookie – he ate the whole thing leaving behind only a gooey smear where the crumb had been!!!


Today, Brian and I found a really big crab on the beach before he was washed away with a big wave and right after that we scoped out a buoy that had washed up on shore and grabbed a bunch of nice big mussels off of it – we decided NOT to eat them after the fact 😦

Right now we are waiting around to get everyone together so we can go have a Cuban dinner. Sounds fabulous.


Vacation is just beginning but has already been very nice.