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Now taking a step back
11 5 2008, 8:07 am
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California . . . it looks like Proposal 8 will pass. This hurts my heart. The definitive factor amongst voters; age. 

Why does this hurt me? Because my generation will have to clean up amendments to damn near every single state constitution through out the United States. 

I will give “them” a little something – when it comes to economic and political policy, young voters who vote democrat may very well become republican voters in the future. I don’t predict the same trend when it comes to gay marriage – our generation simply feels differently. We don’t see it as a loss for Christianity, we see it as a loss for the opportunity to take part in sharing love and family. 


To all of those personally affected by such amendments, I say have faith – a new generation will ring in change in time.


It’s a Beautiful Day
11 5 2008, 6:07 am
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A landslide. 


I went to bed early with the TV on next to me. I couldn’t even watch anymore!  I woke up during Barack Obama’s speech last night and I sleepily smiled and went back to bed. 

This morning it is a bit more emotional to watch it all. I feel like this imperfect world which we were all born into  . . . well, it isn’t a completely new landscape, but it is a new way of looking at the world. Everything is going to be fine, that is truly how I feel.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

I love it!

The War for the White House
11 4 2008, 8:40 pm
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It is time for another edition of the Daily Dish with your host Oliver. I’m coming to you tonight from the futon where I am trying to watch the election results. It may be time to call one of those election problem hotlines; my human is restricting my ability to watch the poll results. We began the evening civilly enough – munching on nachos and watching the very first results pour in from right here in Indiana.

Problem A) The human insists we watch CNN rather than Fox News. Since I am a Sarah Palin (and that guy running with her) supporter, I have found that in order to get news with a Palin bias, I must watch Fox News. Consequently the human has banned the network from this house.

Problem B) As it became more apparent that the race would be tight here in Indiana, the human began doing some odd, nervous dance, squealed and changed the channel completely – turning it to some ridiculous syndicated show called 7th Heaven. Apparently I will have to resign myself to using the internets . . . or perhaps stealing her remote . . .



The under 25 sect
11 4 2008, 2:08 pm
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So everyone is wondering what young voters will do today – I would like to think they will show up in droves. Not just because that would likely mean a land-slide victory for Obama but also because that means that young people are taking an active roll in caring about their government. By simply showing up and partaking in the process they will be that much more likely to vote again in the future and will be more prepared in those future races by becoming more educated on the issues. 

However, young people might not show up – as usual. 

From my perspective right now, it would seem that everyone within my age demographic is fairly politically interested and will at least go vote, however I am proven wrong over and over again everytime I speak with someone outside of my little circle of daily life.

Brian is very political and between the two of us and his roommate, we can talk for hours about the subject. As far as law school goes . . . well, it is law school! I have a state Senator in one of my classes – I just talked to him 15 minutes ago! I am reminded every other day that law students are just not a typical group of citizens when it comes to their political interests. Then again, sometimes I am shocked at how uninvolved some of my classmates really are. It is certainly possible they just don’t want to discuss politics – things can get volatile quick around. Indiana is a notoriously red state (as I am sure you have heard on the news recently) but college students and professors tend to be left leaning. Combine two such groups and you have large numbers of students here at school who are bright red, blue, and purple! It certainly isn’t like my undergrad experience where you could rest assured that pretty much any individual you struck up a conversation with would be against Bush. 

Something I have heard a lot lately from various individuals is that regardless of who wins this election, their lives won’t change. Some of the people who say this, I am convinced just want to pat themselves on the back for not getting caught up in the rhetoric. However there are plenty of people that I am sure truly feel that way. I, on the other hand, know for a fact that the next President will affect my life in a big way – I am going to graduate from law school and be searching for work here shortly. I have school provided health care coverage that is shitty, plain and simple. I have not ruled out running for an elected office one day myself . . . *eyeing an AG position*. I have ZERO income right now. I would like to buy a home one day. I would like to get these loans paid off with the help of a federal subsidy for attorneys who choose to work in the public sector. I’d like to be able to travel out of the country one day and not get bizarre, unanswerable questions from foreigners. How is my life NOT going to be affected by the next President?


Well, it is election day and clearly I am excited. One of my professors has offered us a carrot and has promised not to cold call anyone today – straight lecture all the way for the first time! She didn’t want anyone to have a reason to either not go vote or not show up for class. Personally, I wish she would have opted to give us the day off – I would have gone to work the polls if I could have finagled my way outta there.


After class tonight I am going to head home, curl up with Oliver (my Sarah Palin supportin’ cat), munch on nachos (what better way to ring in the new President!?), and watch for as many hours as need be.

Poll results and Poon?
11 4 2008, 9:25 am
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I picked up a NY Times this morning and everyone (at least in the West Coast) will be happy to know that NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and The Associated Press have agreed to keep exit poll data under their hat until . . . . *drum roll*


5pm. You know what that means – it means that at 5:01pm someone will not be able to keep their pants on. They will become nervous that another news network will make the correct call before any of the polls even close for the night and so they will begin making those tentative remarks which will turn into full out announcements complete with champagne and caviar before 8pm. 

Why do I have a problem with this?

Because I clearly recall going to bed in 2000 secure in knowing that, although I hadn’t been old enough to vote in that election, George W. Bush would NOT be the next President of the United States.  I recall going to school the next morning to a flurry of confusion amongst other classmates who had done the same as I had and were only then getting up to speed on the news. I would honestly rather have no clue this evening as to who won than to wake up to that kind of nightmare again!


As for Poon, well that is in reference to another fun e-mail I received this morning from Mr. Joseph Poon offering me a “business proposal” of $22,400,000.00 to “handle” with him from his bank.  He wrote to find out if I was able to help him with his business transaction from Hong Kong to the United States and in order to find out if I am a capable individual, he needs my name, contact information, age, and marital status. 

It that is all it takes for a millionaire to trust me with him cash, I’m all in!! Once again people, I beg of you to toss this garbage and not respond to it. And if you really must fall for a Poon, let it be the other version.

10 30 2008, 8:32 am
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This morning on CNN there was a fairly powerful commercial which aired supporting John McCain. It was targeted toward small business owners and “Mad Mike” told us that he wanted to expand his business but he wasn’t going to do that if Barack Obama became president because he didn’t want to be taxed more or have government intervention in his business practices. 

I’ll briefly bounce over the fact that I think anyone who would inhibit themselves from going forward with their business plan due to the possibility of higher taxes is just plain  . . . well, not Republican!

Anyhow, I go to the website of the organization that paid for that commercial: No surprise here – they aren’t really concerned about the economy or taxes. Nope. They care if you vote based on the bible, abortion, and “your values”. 

When and how I lead my life in my home will be based on my moral values. How I vote ? Well, I plan to use my head to do that.

There are a number of things I like about the Republican party but I’m on the defensive until this moral-high road kick goes back where it belongs – in our homes, churches, and daily lives – NOT in the White House!

(And yes, I am well aware that if Clinton had kept his pants on while he was President, this morality kick wouldn’t have had so much “shebang” (pun) as it did initially. But is it not time to move on? A little bit? Please?)

*steps down, grabs soap box and walks away in the sunlight*

Obama rally
10 12 2008, 7:17 pm
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Wednesday Brian, myself, and a friend from school headed to an Obama rally at the state fair grounds. I have lots of pictures and videos so brace yourself. First of all, recall that I had already voted on Monday. Brian spotted this picture on the local newspaper’s website later that same day! Can you spot me!?!


Wednesday morning, Brian picked me up, we picked up my friend and we arrived at the fair grounds around 8:30am. There was already a pretty decent line heading toward the grandstand. The weather was drizzly and dreary and gray but we were kept fairly entertained by two adorable Obama supporters in front of us in line (two little girls) and the constant flow of people selling buttons and t-shirts.

Around 10am, people began to stream into the grandstand. We had the option of standing in the mud but I was in heels, Brian had a t-shirt on (not great rain gear) and my friend is like, 4’9. We opted to sit in the stands.

People came in after us in a never ending drove. An estimated 21,000 people showed up. During the set-up for the event we spotted snipers on top of a U-haul, prepared to haul U away. hehe.


Andre Carson and Jill Long Thompson spoke fairly early and then things quieted down as we waited for the big arrival. The crowd would spontaneously burst into cheers and then get super quiet as people tried to figure out where he would arrive from. Eventually someone spotted the motorcade and all hell broke loose.

As Obama arrived, Senator Evan Bayh gave a short introductory speech and then madness ensued as Barack Obama took stage.

I couldn’t help but be excited by the fact that everyone else was excited. He isn’t a singer or a movie star, he wasn’t here to entertain us, he was here to give us incentive to choose him to be the next President of the United States. I’m so glad so many people thought it was important enough to show up to a political rally.

Senator Obama gave about an hour long speech. The majority of it focused on health care which made me very happy. While I know that health care will have to take a back seat to the economy for a while, I am glad he hasn’t stopped talking about such a huge issue.

There were a few rabble rousers but nothing that wasn’t quickly and quietly handled and Senator Obama made it clear he was here for those who wanted to listen. He does have an interesting and exciting aura about him and it made it feel like he really cared about every one of us who attended.
was what I wanted to see and feel and I got it.

Sarah Palin arrives in the state on Friday. I would go but it seems that Brian and I will be headed off to the Creation Museum in Kentucky that day and then over to visit our friends in Evansville who just had their first baby, a lovely little girl, arrive last week. We plan to have a great weekend!

And because WordPress is being a &U*)(FHIOY&UE$, the videos will appear in later separate posts – all separate posts. &%$R*)(*U)(%$U)(

Thank you.