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Poonchky. I’m not the only one!
02 28 2009, 11:58 pm
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White donut boxes adorned with red Polish eagles piled high in the bakery isle of grocery stores – it must be that time of year. Well, actually, that day has passed but I was too busy to write last Tuesday. “Paczki” the boxes say. Doesn’t sound terribly appetizing . . . that is if you are even able to sound it out. The first time I saw one of those boxes and was served the corresponding boring donut from it, I was skeptical. This is NOT what it is supposed to be. “Poonchky” is the way we said it and after googling just that, I have discovered that isn’t just some bizarre word I picked up from childhood – that really is the way Paczki is pronounced.  But it sure as sun isn’t the way they are supposed to taste. You see, if it was just supposed to be a donut, you would be able to get them year round. But this is no donut. You can only eat them just before lent because if you ate them more than once a year, 5 year olds would be having heart attacks in Poland regularly.  So how can you tell if you were served a donut or an authentic poonchky? Oh, well just picking one up should be an indicator. It ought to weigh about 3 lbs yet be the same size as the typical filled donut. After eating one, if you haven’t yet decided what to give up for lent, you will be tempted to say “food, I just give up food in general!” 


I really have nowhere to go with this conversation . . . I haven’t had a poonchky in years and short of traveling to Hamtramck, I don’t know where I would be able to find a real one. If I ever end up in MI right before lent, I know what I will be doing! 

For now. . . I am busy working on school crap. I am uber sleepy at the moment though and ready to call it a day. 

Night ya’ll.


What the heck is that?
06 20 2008, 9:45 am
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Yesterday I got my mail and finally the letter I have been waiting for arrived; the State Board of Law Examiners sent me my certification. Basically this letter says I can represent clients in court under the supervision of another attorney – I essentially can act as any attorney. As excited as I was to finally get this letter, the first thing I saw when I opened it was the official seal on the letterhead.

If you have any clue wtf this is, feel free to let me know.


Yea, I don’t know either.

In other news, yesterday’s trip to the Supreme Court was nice. We met with one of the Justices before the argument and we also met with an appellate court judge that our supervisor was a clerk for. They were both very nice and had some interesting stuff to share with us.
The argument itself was interesting; the Defendant in the original trial had been charged with an “A” felony of attempted molest of a child 13 years or younger. At the last minute (and past the time they can actually file new charges) the prosecutor added a second charge of attempted sexual misconduct with a minor between the ages of 14 and 16, a “B” felony.

During the trial, the only real evidence presented was that the young lady was 13 years old at the time this happened (only one specific event so there was an actual date and time in this case), but the jury only found him guilty of the B felony. So the question now is can this guy be charged with a crime that he couldn’t have possibly have committed because the girl wasn’t the age defined in the statutory language? And the “real” question is what do you do about the fact that he did commit a crime!? The Justices didn’t look too prepared to let him go scott free…

Tonight, Brian and I go to see Hulk! Woohoo! And this weekend I will be in all weekend cleaning – my place desperately needs a spring rub down. Oh and of course there will be some city chicken being made Sunday most likely!!!

01 8 2008, 12:59 pm
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Ok, here it is:

Mondays and Wednesdays:

  • 10:05 – 11:30 Federal Jurisdiction
  • 12:45 – 2:10 Juvenile Law
  • 2:20 – 3:45 Criminal Procedure

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • 8:30 – 9:25 Legal Writing
  • 10:40 – 11:35 Animal Law


  • 9:30 – 12:30 Trial Practice

That’s that!

the best christmas ever
12 19 2007, 10:17 pm
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The Best Christmas I ever had? The year I got my Heart to Heart Bear. He still lives at my dad’s and his heart still beats. 

Heart to Heart Bear

What if he had grown up to be a total tool?
12 13 2007, 12:24 pm
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I  know I just finished writing but I couldn’t help myself. I have CNN on in the background. They are discussing baseball or some shit (I don’t “do” sports). Anyhow, a man being interviewed mentioned that he had spoken to someone named “Dick Pound”….

 Come again?

I don’t know why that struck me as so funny but I decided to google “Dick Pound name”. I was pleasantly surprised to find this website – a list of the 9 manliest names. (Dick Pound is #2).

I have to say that Dr. Duncan Steel impressed me the most. The name isn’t all that exciting, although, being called “Dr. Steel” probably rocks. But it is what this guy has done in his lifetime! He even has the job that Bruce Willis had in Armageddon!! You better be made of steel (or at least a distinctive manly part of you) in order to handle that kind of position!

Anti-aging miracle = vinegar
12 10 2007, 8:06 am
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Or maybe not….

I have recently noticed a resurgence of the “miracle vinegar” gurus. At my make-up chat forum, at a green webiste, and on a variety of other forums and blogs.

Here is my take, and it might be worth 2 cents since I have been actually drinking vinegar, almost daily, since I was a toddler.

White, red wine, apple cider (the gurus favorite pick for some reason), malt, champagne, rice, etc. I will tackle them all. I started with white, sipping out of shot glasses. I began dunking salt and vinegar chips into white vinegar at a very young age (and somehow turned my best friends and mother on to this). I moved on next to apple cider vinegar (otherwise known as ACV) and I have found myself stomping out the calories of the chips by adding a little salt to the vinegar and it cures the bizarre cravings I get.

So… what are the health benefits of all of this vinegar consumption?


*jeopardy music*

Um… I once had to go to an emergency clinic in the middle of the night because I drank too much ACV that was about the same age as me and caused my tongue and throat to swell up so much I couldn’t breathe.

Hmm.. I guess that isn’t a benefit. That is a bizarre side effect to over-consumption – you can become allergic. In fact, for the majority of my life, after drinking vinegar my tongue would swell to bizarre sizes and actually look… well, SPLIT. It was hideous and it ached. And I have no clue why I insisted on continuing to do that to myself.

I cut back after that little episode (which occurred when I was about 17 or 18). By the time I was 20ish I was back on the horse. The subsequent lip/tongue/throat swelling isn’t an issue anymore – no clue why that went away or what “cured” the problem.

The point – I simply cannot put my stamp of approval on vinegar. I think it tastes fabulous. I love it… but I don’t look like I’m 12, I am not superwoman, my skin is NOT perfect, I get colds and the flu… sometimes if I drink too much I get a tummy ache… lol, oh and it doesn’t cure cancer or anything insane like that – I happened to have pre-cancerous cells on my cervix more than once…

OH but vinegar WAS USED to find those pre-cancer cells! (They swab white vinegar over the cervix, shine a bright light on it, and the bad cells show up opaque against the cervix _ I can’t say more about that… I didn’t see it myself).

Oh and I had an allergic reaction when they did that! Imagine that! lol… OK, DON’T imagine that.

So there you go. Drink it if you like (I certainly do), but don’t expect miracles.

searching for the best search engine
10 29 2007, 9:27 am
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Today on, a Newsweek article caught my eye – “Searching for the Best Engine“. The article mainly discussed how search engine giant Google may not necessarily be on top of the food chain for long. While Yahoo and Microsoft clamor to keep up with Google, a whole slew of search engines are popping up and after a particularly frustrating search, I decided to do some comparison shopping.

The search: Swifts tin. Essentially what I am looking for are tins made by the Swift’s company from the 1940’s – 60’s used to store meat products. I have a collection of them going and I am curious as to what other meat products this company has made. So far, Google has been of NO help whatsoever. Part of the problem is that the Swift’s company made LOTS of stuff and a great many of their items came in tins and pails including meats, peanut butter, lard, soap, etc.

So first off is Googleitself – it starts me off with matches from Ebay (all of which I am familiar with already because I watch Ebay like a hawk). After that…. a mess of everything with the word “swift” and “tin” anywhere in it.

Next is the top three results are slightly shaded in blue indicating that they are “sponsored results” and because I am looking for vintage/antique, non-repo items, a result sponsored by any company today is going to be worthless to me (and indeed, they are)…

On the side of the page are two options to either expand or to narrow my search. The suggestions for narrowing my search mainly deal with chimneys and sparrows…. Not helpful.

However, the actual search results for webpages and blogs appears slightly more on track than Google was. Not much more helpful though and the sponsored results and expand/narrow options are so off track that it is just annoying.

Next up, Quintura: I’ve never heard of Quintura before but I am glad I did. First thing I noticed was that Quintura isn’t as straight forward as Google – then again, what is!?! Google doesn’t give you anything else on the page to even CLICK ON let alone get lost in! Quintura had instructions on the main page which could either be helpful or intimidating… I ignored the instructions and plowed forward.

The screen is split – one side with results from your search and the other side with random words and phrases in a fun, cloud like pattern –  when you place your mouse over one of these words/phrases, other options begin to appear and arrange themselves on the page narrowing down the search visually but NOT COMMITTING TO IT, UNTIL you actually click on the word in question – once you click on that word, it is auto added into your search and the results automatically update.

For example – I searched for swifts tin – about 18 random words appeared at the edge of the screen, one of the words is ADVERTISING. I held my mouse over the word and the remaining 17 words disappeared and a new set of words showed up including: collectibles, cream, soap, sign, vintage, and ebay. Well, that certainly helps with the problem of “chimneys” and “sparrows”! From that point I was able to click on “vintage” which gave me a new set of options, one of which was “pork”. This is clearly on the right track. So what about the actual search results….

Well, there is still a mixed bag of results, BUT there are way fewer to sift through. Results that would have shown up on pages 20-45 with Google are on pages 2 and 3 with Quintura and because all of the results at Quintura are more relevant, I am not skimming the pages as quickly as I did with Google where I ended up missing the few relevant results that there were.

My end thoughts? Being a good “googler” is an art – and while I feel that I am pretty far ahead of the game, some searches require a little more help than others. It seems that the search engine industry is at least on the right track to making this a much more tolerable process than it has been in the past!