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11 6 2008, 9:45 am
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Brian and I did a class workout last night for the first time in quite a while. I found the whole thing to be WAY too easy last night which I knew would mean today would royally suck – I was right. I already feel like I am carrying around a hunk of cement on my back and my thighs. Erg.

I did some shopping yesterday – I desperately needed a pair of jeans and a new top or two. I ended up finding jeans that fit (although they have to be hemmed before I can wear them anywhere), a black sweater, and a dark fuchsia top. Oh and a new pair of workout shorts since my older ones are all a bit short for the winter. (If that makes any sense at all)….

Last night Brian and I briefly discussed going to D.C. in January to attend Obama’s inauguration. You would think this would be a public event . . . lo and behold, tickets to attend the Presidential Parade start at 600 bucks and to actually see the swearing in ceremony will be thousands of dollars – supply and demand hard at work on this one. Apparently it was like 45 bucks to go see Bush’s presidential parade!
Regardless, a trip to D.C. ought to be on my list of to do’s at some point in the future. It seems like one of those things everyone should do at some point. Hopefully we will be able to make that road trip sometime in the future.

Back to work. . .


Poll results and Poon?
11 4 2008, 9:25 am
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I picked up a NY Times this morning and everyone (at least in the West Coast) will be happy to know that NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and The Associated Press have agreed to keep exit poll data under their hat until . . . . *drum roll*


5pm. You know what that means – it means that at 5:01pm someone will not be able to keep their pants on. They will become nervous that another news network will make the correct call before any of the polls even close for the night and so they will begin making those tentative remarks which will turn into full out announcements complete with champagne and caviar before 8pm. 

Why do I have a problem with this?

Because I clearly recall going to bed in 2000 secure in knowing that, although I hadn’t been old enough to vote in that election, George W. Bush would NOT be the next President of the United States.  I recall going to school the next morning to a flurry of confusion amongst other classmates who had done the same as I had and were only then getting up to speed on the news. I would honestly rather have no clue this evening as to who won than to wake up to that kind of nightmare again!


As for Poon, well that is in reference to another fun e-mail I received this morning from Mr. Joseph Poon offering me a “business proposal” of $22,400,000.00 to “handle” with him from his bank.  He wrote to find out if I was able to help him with his business transaction from Hong Kong to the United States and in order to find out if I am a capable individual, he needs my name, contact information, age, and marital status. 

It that is all it takes for a millionaire to trust me with him cash, I’m all in!! Once again people, I beg of you to toss this garbage and not respond to it. And if you really must fall for a Poon, let it be the other version.

A little ridiculous
06 24 2008, 9:51 pm
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 If you hear about an area prosecutor having a motion rolled up, turned sideways, and shoved into his ass. . . well then come bail me out. Basically, it appears that the State didn’t really give this case a lot of attention and so they put every exception but the kitchen sink into this 404(b) notice to cover all of their potential bases. Now I am having to respond to every one of these exceptions, half of which have nothing to do with this case whatsoever.  (This normally wouldn’t be too big of a deal however I have yet to take evidence and so not only do I have to do lots of unfocused research but I also have to figure out what the heck it all means. I am guessing next fall it will feel all worth it when I have a heads up on that class. Till then, late nights ahead). 

On top of that, this day has gone from weird, to cruddy, to ironic, to shitty. I discovered that statistically things are really, really bad for female lawyers mentally, physically, and all in between. I’ve actually decided NOT to share those statistics here because I don’t want any self-fulfilling prophecies to take hold!

Right after reading that fun info (it was for a class), Brian called with bad news and he was not a happy camper. I haven’t even had time to think about the bad news yet – I will be sure to get good and pissed off sometime tomorrow afternoon – stay tuned.


And now, back to this motion . . . and tracking down that prosecutor . . .

Roller derby and a relapse
04 23 2008, 7:49 pm
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A few weeks ago I went with a group of classmates to a roller derby bout. We had a great time and I wanted to go back to the next bout which was this past Saturday. Brian, a friend of his and myself all went on Saturday and we had a really great time. I’m hooked. I would love to actually be a roller girl! What better way to get some of that stress and “bad energy” out than to beat the shit out of other girls!?!  lol.


In other news, I have begun Habit Reversal Training or HRT in order to stop biting my nails / picking at my cuticles. Biting hasn’t been much of an issue for a while now – I am conscious enough of what it looks like that I am not going to sit in class and bite my fingers. In lieu of biting, I have been picking at my cuticles with my nails whenever I am bored or nervous. This habit has actually ended in more damage to my fingers than biting ever did.  It has been really difficult to remain conscious about when and how I do this and although the HRT has already helped immensely, I can see that this is going to take weeks, if not months, to change. I have had relapses – actual relapses where it isn’t like I just unconsciously do it but I actually decide that I need to calm my nerves at that moment more than I need beautiful nails. Who would have thought something so goofy could be so powerful!?

I’ve been told to get fake nails – I know acrylics help to keep you from biting, but I don’t know if it would stop the picking/fiddling. I have been told it will end once I get engaged – personally that answer pisses me off and I really doubt even that would help – I don’t screw with my ring fingers. So far the HRT is working. Hopefully things will improve here soon!

All I know is that I don’t want to be this woman some day:

Attorney or tropical islander??
04 3 2008, 6:43 pm
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Suggestion to Microsoft – add legalese and/or latin to spell check.


No, I really don’t want to make a “motion in lime” and it’s sua sponte, not “sea sponge”! While I might not be as dumb as this guy(I actually do take the time to proof read), it would be nice not to see all of those little red lines all over my word docs every time I type up a new document.

Oh and I do know about the personal dictionary you can add – mine is full already.

Ever look up the definition of “irony”?
03 31 2008, 8:00 am
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There is no good definition of “irony” in the dictionary. See for yourself.

In light of this insufficiency, here is an example of what should be called frustration irony:

This morning as I arrive at school I remember that I am supposed to be receiving a call from an employer today to let me know if I have been chosen for a position with their firm this summer. I immediately perked up with excitement and then, almost at the exact same moment, I hear a “boop” from my bookbag. It was my phone letting me know it was dead and turning off.

I won’t be able to charge the battery until, oh, about 5pm today.


“Irritated” is another good descriptor.

let me consult my arteries…. hmm, sounds like they aren’t interested
12 12 2007, 10:48 am
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Quick update and a mini-rant.

I am studying all day today. I said “screw it” to the exam I was going to take today. I am going to handle that exam tomorrow instead. I already have a review session tomorrow that is going to screw up that day. Might as well screw up one day rather than two.

The Rant: 

 I decided to go to McDonalds this morning. I ordered a large black coffee, a large diet coke, and a sausage burrito.

Would you like to try the new McSkillet Burrito?”

I was asked this a few weeks ago right after the new burrito debuted. After being assured that the new burrito didn’t contain tomatoes other than those included in the “fire-roasted salsa”, I decided to give it a try.

I made that decision knowing that the original burritos have 300 calories each. I knew this “new and improved” burrito would have “new and improved” calories… but “hey, how bad can it be” I asked myself.

It was good. Then again, how could it NOT be; big chunks of sausage, a gooey blend of cheeses, potatoes (meh, kinda mushy and no real flavor – these just add heft), the tasty salsa, and some other random ingredients. It definitely filled me up and I was satisfied.

Once I got to school that day, I immediately checked the McDonalds website for calorie content. 610 calories….

Has McDonalds set some kind of friggin quota for calories that must be consumed in a meal!?! Who the hell needs over 700 calories for breakfast? 700 calories, the majority of which come from fat nonetheless! (700  calories because remember they sell these things in a meal with a 140 calorie hashbrown and if you get OJ, regular soda, or coffee with cream or sugar, be sure to tack those calories on as well).

I was pissed. I’ve been irritated about the fact that the Sausage burritos (300 calories per burrito) have come in a meal with two burritosand a hashbrown. I used to get the meal and toss one of the burritos. Then I began eating only 1/2 of the hashbrown. Now I don’t bother with the damn meal.

So needless to say, when she asked if I wanted the new McArtery…. err.. McSkillet burrito, I said “no”. I wished I could have said WHY and had it mean something, but it doesn’t because McDonalds is a corporate monster. The only way to get a corporation like McDonalds to begin serving healthier, lower calorie options is for consumers to purchase the lowest calorie options on the menu or not to go to McDonalds at all. Yea, I see that happening right away…

Ok, I’m going to get back to Con law and save my hatred for corporation for another day.