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Frozen Fiasco
05 14 2009, 6:33 pm
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CongAgra foods makes Banquet PotPies. We always had some in the freezer when I grew up. Well they were tainted with salmonella not so long ago making many people sick. CongAgra tried and tried to figure out just what ingredient it was that was at risk of killing their customers but dagnabit, they just couldn’t find the culprit.  That isn’t surprising considering the fact that they don’t even know who supplies most of their ingredients or if those suppliers actually check the foods for contaminants!  ConAgra’s solution? To put your health into your own hands (where it ought to be) and tell you to check several spots in your potpie with a food thermometer and check the internal temperature for a reading of 165 degrees.

I have a better idea. Literally take your health into your own hands and tell ConAgra where they can put their potpies.

I would like to give a product shoutout to Amy’s Kitchen – the maker of wonderful foods including MANY frozen entrees and pizzas which are healthy, organic, sometimes vegan (but not always), and tasty. I haven’t had any Amy’s product that I wished I hadn’t bought and I am in love with their Roasted Vegetable Pizza. The products are sold at most major retailers – no need to go to an expensive health food chain and they appeared on the Food Network at one point with a look into their factories – clean, beautiful, safe, and sanitary in appearance.

While I can’t deny that owning a food thermometer is not a bad idea and I won’t suggest that no Amy’s product could ever be contaminated by some food borne pathogen, I will suggest that it is probably safer (and will make you feel good) to purchase products from a company that really seems to care and at the very least knows who supplies their ingredients!


Oh, bonus: I see that Amy’s now features diet plans on their website – a regular plan, gluten-free plan, vegan plan, and others for those of you with illness or allergies. You could most certainly lose weight eating their products which are very filling, nutritious, and not full of empty calories. I think I might just give that a go!


Product Shoutout
11 22 2008, 11:09 pm
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I am not a fan of a LOT of breakfast foods and I am not a big cereal eater but tonight at the grocery store, something caught my eye and I had to pick it up:

Raspberry Ginger cereal!

Made by Peace Cereal, this may be a product you won’t find just anywhere. I managed to get it at my local Kroger store but NOT in the cereal isle; it was in the health/veg section.
It’s vegan, the company is worth supporting AND it tastes AWESOME! Corn flakes, little raspberry bites, and crunchy chunks that have a gingery zing.

I only had a handful and I’m sold. Tomorrow morning I’ll be topping it off with some of my Hempmilk – another new try for me. I am not a big fan of soymilks. I can’t even tell you why. And I do like ricemilk, but I don’t find it appropriate for everything. So far my favorite milk sub is Almond Breeze which does have an obvious nutty flavor and I like baking with it. I’ll be sure to let you know how I feel about the Hempmilk tomorrow!

Free Documentaries
09 6 2008, 12:16 pm
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Ever go to your local video store and check out the documentary section? 

If they have such a section, it is probably disapointing. Especially if you are looking for a documentary on a subject that is unpopular in your particular geographic region.

This website offers a great number of documentaries for download, for free. Quick, easy, don’t sign up for anything – in terms of how easy and accessible it is, it is just like YouTube.

The way it ought to be – the free exchange of information and ideas.

(The following links are to the official webpages of the individual documentaries. For the free downloadable versions you have to hit

I recommend Jesus Camp, Earthlings, Bowling for Columbine,  . . . well, I can’t name them all. There are also specials that have aired on PBS, CBC, BBC, etc.

What I love about the website is the fact I can watch these all for free and I don’t have to pay for a cause I may not believe in.

Funny enough there are still documentaries available on the site that I would really prefer to own. I own Supersize Me and I just don’t get tired of it. Jesus Camp and Bowling for Columbine are also movies I would like to own. Bowling for Columbine is exciting to me because of the numerous references to Michigan and the fact that I personally know James and Terry Nichols and their families. I’ve discussed Jesus Camp in the past. It has a great soundtrack and is an amazing look into the lives of a whole other culture within the United States that even the devoutly religious might not be aware of.

Anyhow, I say this is worthwhile to bookmark and check out whenever you have a free moment. I’m thrilled about it.

Website recomendation
07 13 2008, 10:52 pm
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Here is a site you should all visit just for kicks.

Bzzzpeek has an inventory of sounds of different animals and vehicles made by children from around the world. It was really interesting to listen to what children from different countries think dogs or chickens sound like. And no, they aren’t all the same!

Very cool.

a note to future clients
01 8 2008, 12:16 pm
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Ok, not really but good advice nonetheless for anyone needing to go to court in the near future.


mmm mmm good
11 8 2007, 8:07 pm
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So this evening I went to the 1/2 price book store – great place and I found a couple Christmas gifts and I also picked up a little something for myself:

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This book has me doubled over and I am not even completely done looking through it.

So far, my favorite recipe is the cucumber ice salad; the ingredients list includes:
1/4 pound of marshmallows (based on the name of the salad, this should raise an immediate retro red flag!)
1/3 C lemon juice
2 medium-size cucumbers, grated (enough to yield two cups of pulp)
1 tsp. onion, grated
1/2 tsp. salt
3 drops of green food coloring
few grains of cayenne pepper
2 egg whites
1 tbsp. sugar
8 medium sized tomatoes

Scary no?
But wait, it gets BETTER!!!
The details of how to prepare this are pretty intense but here is the basic run down

You melt the marshmallows and lemon juice and freeze that until “mushy”. Most of the other ingredients are mixed together and then you make a meringue out of the sugar and egg whites and fold that into the rest of the ingredients (including the now half-frozen marshmallow mush).
Bounce that all back into the freezer until solid…

Gut a bunch of tomatoes and put the frozen cucumber puke…er… salad into the tomatoes – serve cold.

Keep barf baggies handy.

One of my favorite blogs, Nacho Underpants, has a recent post that also had me rolling in laughter – ham and bananas hollandaise.

Eat your heart out Ted Allen, this is the food that I wanna eat!!!

On a more realistic note, there really IS a recipe I do want to eat and SOON. Salted caramel cheesecake

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Picture is from Cream Puffs In Venice and although I normally don’t like using the pictures from other bloggers, I couldn’t help myself this time since this picture caused a bit of chaos in my Constitutional law class today as the people surrounding me all suddenly caught sight of it at the same time and all exclaimed “What is THAT!?” 

My mouth waters every time I see that picture…


holy hot tamales!
05 8 2007, 10:01 am
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YES! YES! YESS! God has answered my prayers (*I tend to keep ’em simple ok*)!

Do you love mexican food but not have ready access to it?

Do you know where to find a Super Target?

Archer Farms makes frozen tamales! They are wonderful! Now, I’ll admit, I haven’t had a tamale in a long time. I am sure if I was blindfolded and did a taste test, a “real” tamale would win. But these were a huge surprise!

Maybe the best part was finding out that these super filling tamales don’t have all that many calories! 240 a piece… not terrible considering I had to really work to finish two of them.

Well I have another long day of studying ahead of me but I am just “little miss optimistic” today. I am glad too…. it was about time for me to start feeling really good again. I am really looking forward to the upcoming trip to Florida and the summer break.

This summer is so important to me. I want to get out and meet some people in the area, make some friends, work (of course), and take care of my physical and mental health (which has definitely been on the back burner). It is funny how some things I used to avoid suddenly have a whole new meaning to me now that I haven’t been able to take part in so long!

Have a great day everyone!