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technology and sentiment
02 22 2009, 10:22 am
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This morning I cancelled my Myspace account. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to most readers I am sure, but it was a bit difficult to make the decision to do so.

Brian and I met via Myspace. I met a number of other people on there whom I now consider good friends. Myspace reunited me with my very first best friend, Bobby, and his father Al.  Myspace helped me keep in touch with high school classmates and keep other friendships alive that I probably would have otherwise just let extinguish. 

Granted, I have a facebook profile and the vast majority of my friends and even family have accounts there. It is generally more private and less chaotic than Myspace. As far as keeping in touch with friends and family, I prefer facebook. 

I guess the point of this post was to say that technology is kind of an odd duck in the world of sentimental being. This morning, prior to cancelling my account, I was able to print out the very first conversation I ever had with Brian. How many people know the exact date and time they had their very first conversation with their significant other? And not just that but to know the conversation word for word!! It is pretty special. I can see where the downfalls of such a thing could lie, but as for my own personal story, it has all worked out just beautifully. 

I could easily recite all of the negatives of the internet age including a slew of stories, both personal and not, of online dating fiascoes that were hellacious. But there are always a few diamonds in the rough. This is one of those times.


08 12 2008, 2:41 am
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I couldn’t have possibly posted everything about last week in the last post I made; it would have ended up pages long. So here are some details.

The ride from point A to point B sucked. Plain and simple. The “check engine” light went on in the middle of nowhere Indiana. I found myself in BFE asking toothless porch sitters for directions only to discover that they either really wanted a ride up north OR that they never leave their little town because they were WAY too excited about the fact that I was headed north. Fortunately for me, the only problem with the car was my own negligence and unfamiliarity with popping the hood and checking fluids myself!

On my way home I stopped in Lansing to see my little (well… younger) cousin. I haven’t seen him in YEARS and it was high time for he and I to spend at least an afternoon catching up. I took him to a nice dinner at one of my old favorite haunts, took a ride with him through MSU’s campus, and chatted for hours. I was exhausted from my crazy ordeal earlier in the day but I am so glad I took the time to stop and see him.

Friday the first consisted of chilling with dad and then the rehearsal and dinner at the groom’s family’s home. Rehearsal was a big shocker to me. I have never stood up in a wedding before and prior to that point, I was just as ridiculously excited as the little flower girl. I have been waiting to see this wedding for a long time and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the day. At least that is how I felt until we lined up to rehearse the processional. That is when panic struck. The music started, the couples in front of me began walking and I began to fidget. I mean, all of my friends are getting married and/or having children (not necessarily in any particular order). I find myself thinking, “WHAT THE F*&# ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?” on a regular basis! Ok, so it isn’t like we are teenagers anymore. My friends at this particular wedding had dated for 8 and 1/2 years prior to marriage!! That is more than enough time to make a decision. I just can’t believe how fast it is all happening. I guess some people stun me more than others. I found myself really happy with the fact that I haven’t had to make such a huge commitment yet. I am sure still being in school has helped to keep me mentally from being on any kind of fast track to marriage but I find myself really glad that is the case now.

So the wedding itself was emotional too – it is pretty bizarre seing my friends get married when I remember back to high school when we would talk about what our weddings would be like. Even though my cousin who got married this past Saturday and I are close and are the same age, I didn’t have that same kind of emotional moment like I had at my friend’s wedding. It is just different. After the ceremony, we all boarded a huge purple school bus. At first this all seemed pretty  . . . strange. But it was a lot of fun. Do I foresee a big purple bus in my wedding future? Negative. But I am glad I got to be part of a traditional “up nort'” weddin’.

And I’m really glad it was all offset by attending my cousin’s lovely wedding the following week!


Crazy Days
08 11 2008, 7:06 pm
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So I haven’t been able to update for quite a while – I had a crazy week, dad has dial-up, and my computer inexplicably won’t connect to any wireless connection outside of my apartment.

So I will try to break this down as best as I can.

Saturday the 2nd, one of my best friends from high school was married – it was a mentally and physically exhausting day but a whole lot of fun. The wedding party was (too) huge, we all drank a little too much, and I attempted to catch up with a lot of old friends from high school.

After Saturday, I stayed up north, spent time with my dad and my cousin and it was nice to just chill out for a few days. I was totally whipped after the wedding so I enjoyed the relaxation quite a bit!

Thursday morning I packed up my stuff and headed on out for my mom’s place. My cousin was getting married this past Saturday and I needed a dress but once I got to mom’s and I had unloaded a car full of things, I was sweaty and tired. I called her and told her I planned to dress shop on Friday instead of Thursday night. She told me I might want to reconsider because she had a huge surprise for me and she was picking him up at the airport Friday morning! Yes, Brian came to Detroit to be my date for my cousin’s wedding and meet some of my extended family for the first time! It was the best surprise I can ever remember getting and it was totally unexpected. He apparently had called my mom and planned this about a month ago! Not too shabby.

I guess when God is in good spirits he is in a big way too because that Thursday night I ran to a TJ Maxx hoping for the best in the way of a nice dress (for a black tie reception!) andmanaged to find an amazing fuchsia Marilyn Monroe style dress for only $15!!!! Mom and I picked up Brian Friday morning from metro – he was exhausted but he got a little nap when we returned home and then we went to the zoo. I was hoping for a nice relaxing day at the zoo — sadly it was more like a kid-wilderness! I was totally bummed that there was only one seal in the arctic circle exhibit and no bears in the water – that can be such a serene exhibit. Fortunately, Brian is into the aquatic stuff so I knew he would enjoy amphibiville – we hit that toward the end of the day when things were closing down and it was pretty nice. Friday night we just relaxed with a pizza and the opening ceremonies to the Olympics.

Saturday was very nice. With my15 dollar dress and a little of mom’s jewelry added, I was looking pretty nice and Brian and I got some fantastic photos outside of the gorgeous chapel my cousin was wed in. No expense was spared on the reception and we enjoyed desserts, a photo booth, and a really good band. I took Brian for a walk behind the local library where there is a great walk-way and stream and then we returned to dance and enjoy the evening.  It really was fantastic to have him there – I am still pretty stunned that he thought to surprise me that way – I am still beaming.

Yesterday we drove back – long ride but it was nice to have company of course. Oliver was retrieved from Brian’s roommate and he and I are back to life as usual now. It was a great week but I am glad to be home.

Lots of updates
07 1 2008, 8:14 pm
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Brian and I had our two year anniversary on Saturday. We celebrated with a lovely dinner and a night at the best hotel in town on Sunday night. I had a lovely time, sadly however, my night was cut dang short. During dinner, the drinks just kept flowing and pretty soon I was totally smashed. I was completely comatose by 8:30 and didn’t wake up until midnight that night with a terribly dry mouth. Oddly enough, I slept great and had no hangover but poor Brian didn’t get a good night’s rest at all – he has been spoiled by his tempur-pedic at home!

Yesterday was rough. I walked to the jail with one of the attorneys and had to go barefoot on the way back. 8 blocks in heels just isn’t happening!!! Then last night I spent time on the phone with the family of one of my clients. We were unable to find him last week and it turns out he was shot. One of the snags of this job I guess…. it is unsettling to think that the kid I had just talked to days before that could still become a murder victim!

Today my mind was off of yesterday’s stuff and was up and productive at 6am. I got more done today than I have in months! Laundry, dishes, I re-arranged the whole apartment AND completed a damn nifty project!
I have a cute little bar. It was once just a blond wooden cabinet with wicker doors. I painted it black and shellacked it. I painted martini olives on the top of it and painted the wicker doors a creamy color.


I had wanted to replace the wicker with glass but it turned out to be way too complicated an endeavor.

Well, today I changed the whole look of the bar. I took the boring old silver door knobs on the bar and created martini olives out of clay!!! They are wonderful!


In addition, while I was out shopping I found corrugated plastic boards – kind of similar in material to thick foam board. I cut pieces to fit perfectly and popped them over top of the wicker doors – I could probably sell this little bar at an art show or on ebay for one heck of a pretty penny right now! I love it!


07 2 2007, 12:38 am
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And so it was a perfectly wonderful and long weekend. This will be the very condensed version of course but here is a sampling.

Thursday afternoon Brian came to my place to pick me up for dinner. I must admit, we were a smashing pair – Brian can always almost effortlessly look like he is dressed for a black tie event and I finally was able to wear a red cocktail dress I have been saving for just such an occassion.  The resturaunt was fabulous – from the amazing martini, to the fabulous fish, to the menus (personalized to congratulate us on our anniversary) – it had great ambiance.

After dinner Brian surprised me with a white, horse-drawn carriage ride which took us through the government center of the city and near the canal. The dimly lit buildings and the echoey clopping of the horses hooves against the brick streets made it so easy to drown out everything else. I’ve been wanting to take a carriage ride since moving here but I am glad we waited till Thursday night – it was perfect and made me feel like one heck of a lucky lady!

Friday morning we woke up early and headed out for Holiday World. The ride down was pretty long but actually really fun – we sang along to the few and far between good tunes we were able to find on the radio and chatted and snacked the whole way. The park itself was really nice – we rode the three big wooden coasters (which were really cool rides!) and then we headed over to the water park. I have never been to a water park and I have certainly never been on slides like these before – they were pretty wild! The weather was almost perfect, the rides were awesome, and the company was charming.

Saturday came and the fun continued. Brian and I went to his Aunt and Uncles for a big get-together. Brian’s roomie and his gf as well as another friend of Brian’s also came along this time and with everyone else that was there, it was quite the group of people. We spent almost all afternoon in the pool having some very interesting and bizarre conversation lol.

Last night we just tried to come down off of all of the craziness. I taught Brian how to play Egyptian Rat Screw (nope… no clue what the “real” name is) and so we played some hands of that and had some new drinks to relax with. It was a nice way to end the long anniversary celebration/weekend.

time to get sentimental
06 28 2007, 1:02 am
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By the time I finish writing this, Brian and I will have officially been together for 1 year. Remebering back a year ago has made me smile and has brought back the memories of all of the butterflies that were in my stomach while I anticipated the beginning of our relationship. I recall thinking for a split second that the timing (with law school beginning so soon) was kind of cruddy… then I blew that off and jumped in head first! The way that he and I met and began dating really re-emphasizes to me just how important it is to follow a gut instinct. It is never wrong.

Since last June 28th, I have encountered many “firsts”; moving to a new state, beginning law school, being under more stress than I have ever imagined, being at a distance from family, and now – dating someone exclusively for an entire year. Being able to maintain a brand new relationship under the circumstances of this year has given me an incredible feeling of power. I am still realistic of course (I’m like a “wanna-be romantic!), but I am no longer fearful of a good relationship going sour because of circumstances. If it really is “good” and it really is meant to be – both people will put forth the effort to make it work.

As more people realize that we have been an item for a while now, we have both elicited questions about our future from nosey people around us. At first, these questions really bothered me. They made me wonder if I was “different” for not being a cling-on accessory instead of just a girlfriend. Now, as the end of the first year of Brian and I’s relationship comes to a close, I don’t mind the questions because I know that those people are missing the point – I am in love with Brian right now and I have enjoyed and am still enjoying being with him. (For those of you who are still nosey about the future … well, it’s in the future and instead of planning it out to a “t” just life every other aspect of my life, I’ve decided to live up every moment as it comes to us and enjoy them for what they are. (and honestly, if I was making any serious plans, don’t you think I would bring it up before you could even ask!?!?! I am a girl for gods sake! lol ))

So, although I am not the “mushiest” gal on Earth, I think this post requires a bit of a romantic touch.

Brian: I love you and I thank you for your time, your presence, your patience, your hugs, your humour, and your heart. Happy Anniversary baby!

To everyone else reading – thank you for sharing in the occassion!

women and that thing called jealousy… i think…
06 6 2007, 1:56 pm
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I would like to hear other people’s reaction/opinion on this.

I recently responded to a bulletin posted by an old friend on Myspace. It has been about a year since I have spoken to him and I teasingly chided him about his propensity to fall off the face of the earth. Turns out that it wasn’t an accident. He responded to my message by apologizing for not keeping in touch and continued by writing out a long story about how every time he has spoken to me his girlfriend has gotten very upset – screaming, crying, etc .

What I find curious however is the fact that she became so angry about him staying in touch with me although we had never dated, I have never had nor shown any interest in him, I had moved nearly two hours away at first and now live in a completely different state – i.e., I don’t pose any threat to their relationship.

This brings me to the topic of jealousy and my ultimate question.

If I had been my friend’s gf, I likely would not have been terribly upset by the friendship, but assume that I was upset by it for the purposes of this question. I likely would have asked about me, maybe made a joke or brought up a minor conversation but I would have never shown that I was very angry or upset even if that is how I had truly felt. So who would have been right in this situation? Me for holding my feelings in and allowing an innocent friendship to continue but possibly irk me the whole time or her for appearing to overreact but getting the outcome that she wanted – he stopped speaking to me and the friendship has simply died with time?

Does it come down to us personally and our selfish desires? The desire to have peace of mind and control (overreacting) or the desire to appear tactful, confident, or nonchalant (saying nothing)?

Meh… no clue…