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A new blog perhaps?
06 20 2009, 9:54 pm
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The gist of this long post is that I am testing out a new place to host my blog –

The rest of this post is a discussion of why and hopefully will get others on the bandwagon to join Tumblr and try it out!!

So for anyone who has checked it out, I tweet way more often than I blog here at WordPress.  Sometimes I just feel like I don’t have enough time to blog and I think that is because blogging suggests thinking about a post, sitting down, writing it out, editing it for errors/length, etc. . . That is a lot of work when you are busy.

Twitter provides a quick place to update but you are limited to 140 words a post which suggests the other extreme:

post: “I’m at the coffee shop”

post 2:”now I’m leaving the coffee shop”

post 3: considering taking a poop . . .

You get my drift.

I have found what might be the perfect in-between – Tumblr

Tumblr is fairly new and has been neglected thus far due to the popularity of Twitter and Facebook. Tumblr also provides updates to my Twitter if I would like but I have the option of whether or not to post to both. I like the idea of being able to update friends and family without forcing my updates on other readers who may have no interest (ala Facebook news feeds/Twitter).

The best part, the posts are clearly intended to be smaller than typical blog posts however I can write as much as I want and I am able to upload movies, pics, even audio files without any hassel.

So I’m going to give it a fair shake and see what Tumblr is all about.  Catch me at my newest place on the net:


Life update
05 15 2009, 12:07 pm
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Got news on the job yesterday – essentially deferred. I don’t plan to dwell on it. I am going to study like mad for the bar (because if you don’t pass that, who cares what kind of job you have lined up!) and the MPRE and do my best and look for jobs in whatever spare time I have.

As for today, I have Brian’s future closet, the linen closet, and the bathroom all prepared for his arrival over Memorial Day weekend. Now I just have to finish organizing my closet and the bedroom and pack up the bar and barware. Everything else will be taken care of when he moves in; the bar, bed, tv, trunk, boxes, and maybe some other random items will be moved into storage. Brian’s fabulous bed and television will be moving in here. The only other really large items coming here will probably be his dresser and desk.  It will all be good.


Otherwise, I am working on a case that will likely go to trial in the next two weeks. I will know for sure if it will go on Monday after we see who shows up for our depositions – we aren’t expecting much. 


Well, that is it for now – ciao ya’ll! 


wow, that was quite the closing combo . . . .

Pantry party
05 3 2009, 11:39 am
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I’ve decided to do something I have read about on some other blogs a while back – a pantry challenge. I will only use up the foods that I already have in the house. This is really great timing for such a thing – Brian moves in less than a month from now and I have lots of good food that will go bad unless I take the initiative to eat it up. I figure I will allow myself to purchase one ingredient per meal if I need it but otherwise, nothing else can be bought and brought into the house (besides Diet Coke 🙂 ). I’ll keep you all updated as I am sure things will get . . . interesting here soon.


In other news, Oliver is feeling better and can now see out of both eyes.
Here is a picture of Oliver on Friday:Photobucket

versus today:PhotobucketPhotobucket

Feeling much better apparently 🙂

Time for a real update!
04 4 2009, 5:07 pm
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I can’t believe that a whole MONTH passed in between my last two posts! It is amazing how fast time flies. The reason for the lack of updates is that the last month has been downright painfully busy. Things aren’t going to get much easier any time soon either. 

Brian and I went over to the hospital a few nights this past week to visit his dad. On Monday, Brian’s father had some pretty major surgery. While I doubt if having to have surgery is ever a “good” thing, his went really well. He is ahead of schedule recovery wise and is leaving the hospital tomorrow.  We are all just thrilled he is doing well and are just hoping things continue on this very positive path.

Things are looking good on the job front – I don’t really like to discuss that stuff too much on the blog for privacy reasons but just in case anyone is curious, I am well into the interviewing process and I am feeling pretty good about it. 

I managed to log quite a few hours at the clinic this week – the two cases I currently have both should provide me with quite a bit of work which is something I am pretty happy about. 

Moot court is over with for anyone who was following that story. I can’t say I wound up unscathed though. The competition itself was fine – it was well run, competetive yet fun, and I received some great critiques from the judges which I always appreciate. The entire process of getting to the competition though and the arrangements I had while in NY left something to be desired. It isn’t a complicated story, but it would involve me complaining a lot and I’d like to avoid being “that person”. I’m just trying to pretend that whole thing never happened and move on with my semester!

Speaking of my semester, it is almost over!!! WOohoo! Just 2 weeks of classes left and then about three weeks until finals AND graduation are all done with. Sadly, that won’t be the end of school for me. Due to some issues with clinic hours, I had to back up my graduation date until August. I don’t have to take any additional classes or anything, I still walk in May, AND I will still be able to take the July bar exam – I just will have an August date on my diploma rather than a May date. 

Well, I am getting in loads of clinic hours this weekend and preparing for another interview later this week (which is basically a portion of a mock trial) so I will continue to do that. 


02 18 2009, 9:05 am
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This has been miserably long is coming but I have just been way to busy to update . . . and in all honest there isn’t a whole lot to say I suppose. Just school, working, cleaning, planning shit. Nothing special. And now I am off to start another day. Hope all of you are doing well.

Drop me a line – I like mail and phone calls and shit peeps!

I’ve been a bad blogger
02 3 2009, 8:06 pm
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I have been very busy lately – sorry 😦 

Blogging just hasn’t been on my mind at all lately. School has been pretty hectic and there are a number of paperwork/planning things I need to get done soon (should have done already) and I’m constantly wondering about what I need to finish up next. I haven’t been getting enough hours at the clinic and although I hardly want to complain about it since I like having whatever free time I can, I had to finally ask the professor today to help me get some more cases and quick.

In some new news, Brian and I have made the decision to move in together. It certainly isn’t going to happen over night – his lease isn’t up for a while but his does come to an end before mine so we will be living in my apartment together for a couple months before my lease ends. We already have a few ideas about where we might move to after we are done at this place . . . I feel pretty excited about it and I got really excited today when I realized how much money we are going to save!

Well, I have a lot of prep for my classes tomorrow so I am going to be getting to that now 🙂 Ciao.

Maybe it will be worth the five minutes I put into it.
01 29 2009, 5:27 pm
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I was really worried on my way to school today. I just knew there would be danger, yelling, bitching, struggling, and a headache induced around 1pm when I would be leaving the school. Sure enough when I arrived at school I saw what I had been dreading – bad plowing.

I know, how lame a thing to get all worked up about. You just can’t understand until you have seen what the dink who plowed the law school lot has done to us.

I will just have to take a picture tomorrow to get this across but in the mean time, use your imagination.

In the typical parking lot there are lanes to drive down and then parking spots that when two cars pull in facing one another, their bumpers would almost “kiss”. Got the idea? Ok. Now imagine a bank of snow ten foot high in-between those two (no longer kissing) cars. 

Sounds odd but not like a huge problem right? Sure, until you realize that they are trying to fit a snow bank the width of 8 feet onto a painted line that is less than a foot wide! Once parked, you are f*cked! Try to bank up and you find that the car behind you is right on top of you. Two years ago I discovered a suburban behind me. I had to go back into the school and could only leave once that driver did! Today I managed to maneuver out – it only to EIGHT three-point turn attempts! ERRAH.

So anyhow, I decided not to just bitch this time – I wrote the parking services department of the university. I told them that at this point they are likely screwed for the winter – those banks won’t melt until March and will be much to heavy and packed to move. God forbid we get even another couple of inches of snow, there will simply be nowhere to put it! My suggestion to the school was to hire someone who knows how to plow snow! God knows there are a number of those people in the area – I have seen no other lot anywhere else in the city that looks like the one at school. I understand that they are trying to not lose a whole row of parking spaces but instead they are putting everyone’s car at risk and creating dangerous blind spots. 

And that is that.