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01 28 2009, 1:59 pm
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Well today has been UBER productive. I find snow days a reason to tell mother nature to blow it up her caboose. Damn near a foot of snow has fallen and I have been doing homework, calling family members and gathering a slew of recipes, I cleaned all of the kitchen cupboards, . . .


I have done three loads of dishes, had an early lunch, made a conference call to a professor, and ran out to Office Max for a bigger binder and four bottles of diet coke – all before 12:30pm!

The ride out was the best – cleaning off the car is always a bit of a bitch but I got it done and remained dry and warm (it is the “fluffy” stuff). It is always kind of humorous to drive around in this stuff and I find it pretty fun if the roads are clear of other drivers – I managed to find one parking lot to play in on my way to the Office Max. 🙂

Now I am back home, doing a bit more homework and hoping to tackle the bedroom later today. Gotta love them snowdays 😉


And now that I am less crabby, an update!
01 28 2009, 7:19 am
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So no huge surprise – no school today. I’m pleased. Yesterday was my birthday and I felt fairly unmotivated – if I had my afternoon classes today (the morning one was cancelled as of last night), I would have had a large assignment to do yet this morning. 

Now I can chill and get that assignment knocked out today while I hang out at home. I was up before 5 and now I am wide awake, doing dishes and already e-mailing prosecutors. 

Last night Brian came over for a bit to celebrate my day – I made up a dinner of spaghetti and vegan italian sausage and daikon-potato latkes. It was really good and there are plenty of tasty leftovers. Brian brought me a gift – a hot air popcorn popper. It is certainly not something I would typically purchase for myself, but after we used it last night, I am really glad he got it for me. It requires NO OIL at all and being that bulk popcorn is fairly cheap, I’ll save money not buying microwaveable anymore. Granted, it is hard to put salt on plain popcorn, but it was tasty nonetheless and it could easily cure a late night craving in a healthful way.

So yea, today will likely prove to involve more cleaning and lots of homework – if I work hard today I will be able to knock out the rest of this weeks work and possibly even get a head start on next week!

Ciao and stay safe out there!

Get on with it!
01 28 2009, 5:46 am
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I went to bed hearing the news report – around 8 inches of snow expected to fall by noon today. I figured with that much, which is practically unheard of around the city, I should expect the University to close today. Well, it is after 5am and nothing. I just happened to wake up and popped on the tv real quick to see what was up – the snow has fallen. There is dang near 9 inches on the ground now and it is still coming but no additional school closings. 

Ok, ok, yes I am up early. But can’t they just get on with it so that I don’t have to be up at 6am getting ready for my afternoon classes just to find out later they are cancelled? Hmm, I just saw that another University in the area is delayed for 2 hours . . . how do you DELAY a university!?! Get real. 

Erg. Well, I am hopefully going back to bed and hopefully won’t be in a scramble when I wake up to get my junk done if I do have to go in this afternoon.


A weekend away
06 8 2008, 11:45 pm
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Brian and I went to Evansville for the weekend to see our friends Leslie and Sarah. We had a great weekend. I will have to update you all about it tomorrow when I am more awake.

While we were away, we missed out on some major storms which caused the area to flood pretty badly. I took a couple videos of Columbus, IN on the way home. The footage isn’t really clear but you can certainly get the idea.

Talk to you later!

Columbus, Indiana Flood – from I-65

Columbus underwater

Shaken, not stirred.
04 18 2008, 11:45 am
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Interesting night/morning.

If you haven’t heard, there was an earthquake on the southern Ill. / IN. boarder very early this morning.

I woke up, disoriented and confused. I felt my bed clearly shaking back and forth but I couldn’t really tell why it was shaking. It was a rather long quake too! I had enough time to think about what possibly was causing the movement. An earthquake did cross my mind but about as quickly as I considered it, I dismissed it. I have only ever felt one other quake and I was very young and it was super short.
This morning Brian informed me there really was an earthquake here this morning and that it woke him up too. Apparently the epicenter is fairly active… at least for an area outside of the typical quake zones.

In other news, the neighbors are probably convinced I have tourette’s after the raucous outburst I had last night. The lights were off in my bedroom and I was attempting to hop/step over the pile of clothing I knew was between me and the bedroom door. I miscalculated and landed with all of my weight and then some (the “hop” part) onto the heel of one of my pumps. The phrase I used at that point was probably as colorful as my foot this morning which is still swollen, hot, tingly, and has the perfect circular mark of the heel of a shoe embedded in it.

Other than these fun things, I am bumming today. I should be bumming at the laundry mat…. but I’m bumming at the moment. I am going to read a book about Animal law for a book report, do some additional homework and just enjoy a rare day at home maybe. We’ll see 😉

Not so snowy frustration
02 12 2008, 10:29 am
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For your FYI: You CANNOT snowblow ice. Nor can you snowblow “snow” that has accumulated less than a half of an inch.

This morning as I was leaving my apartment I almost slipped and got killed on the crusty black ice coating that had covered the sidewalk – there was no actual “snow” on the sidewalk and it looked deceptively safe. As I am scraping the 1/4 inch of ice off of my car, I hear/see a maintenance man snowblowing the sidewalks.

I was seconds away from taking my combination scraper/squeegee and beating the shit out of him for “playing” with his blower when all he really needed to do was put down some salt.

It is time to migrate south…. much, much, more south.

spring time in January
01 7 2008, 10:33 am
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The forecast for today:

spring time in january

This morning at 7:30 I ran out to grab some breakfast. It is beautiful out… well, a little grey and there is definitely a chance of storms, but there was just a nice cool breeze and that fabulous spring time smell in the air.

I got home and my apartment was already up to 73 degrees with the heat totally turned off! At 8am! I opened all of the windows and showed Oliver who decided he was too nervous to sit on the high window sill unsupervised.

A few minutes later a couple of twitterpating birds flew by and he suddenly lost his fear of heights.

Oliver's spring in mid-winter day