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For those of you who have found my blog in hopes of finding information on keeping chickens within certain city limits, I have compiled a list of links to websites and blogs which contain such information.

My only advice is to first check with your cities laws in order to save yourself the pain of an expesive fee for violating any law and/or losing your chickens once you have grown attached to them. – Fresh Eggs for NYC. – Seattle Tilth – blog on keeping chickens in the city (UK – Newcastle area) – great site for those considering keeping chickens (Pacific Northwest USA) – the name says it all …. “my pet chicken [dot] com” – meet others who have pet chickens – keeping pet chickens (New Zealand site) – wikihow site on keeping pet chickens – wikihow page on keeping chickens in the city – a great submission from a regular reader 😉

That should get you all started for now. If anyone has any links they would like me to add, shoot me a comment and I will be sure to do that!


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