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Spiral slicing madness
04 22 2009, 10:07 pm
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By now you all know how much I enjoy odd, bizarre, and ridiculous vintage items. One item I was particularly proud of owning was my Popeil Spiral Slicer.

The box is certainly great fun, but it did not compare to the pathetic little tool that was inside:

It you are uncertain of what that is, let me help you out. It is a screw. Yes, a plain old screw attached to something that looks like the end of a broken tool with a semi-sharp filed edge on one side.

The object is to stick the screw into the top of your vegetable or fruit, sit the vegetable upright, stick your finger in the finger hole, and begin to circle around and around your food item until you have spiral sliced through the entire thing.

I was convinced it was a joke and had ZERO intention of using this thing. Even now I wonder if it was really smart to stick this thing into something I intended to place in my mouth. It looks like something that you should find in a tool box, not in a kitchen for crying out loud!

Either way, last night for some dumb reason I decided to destroy one of my little zucchini that needed to be eaten up. At least destruction was what I expected to happen.

Instead, this is what I ended up with:

Yea, a beautifully spiral sliced zucchini.

Even cooked it all still stayed pretty much together and wrapped around my fork just like pasta. If I had thrown marinara on it, it would have sufficed as a carbohydrate sub.

Instead, I tossed the “zucchinasta” in olive oil, lemon juice, thyme, salt, and pepper and ate it right up.

Who knew.

However, I am still quite skeptical about the idea that little tool could go through a hard carrot, beet, or pineapple like the box suggests . . . but I might be inclined to find out for myself.


Oliver has left The City Chicken
04 18 2009, 11:35 pm
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Just hours after his latest episode of the Daily Dish, Oliver made the decision to leave my blog and create his own space on the web: The Daily Dish. He told me that I wasn’t updating enough for him and it was holding his creative juices back. Good for him . . . 

He is currently chilling on the couch, flipping between CNN and Fox, taking notes on various stories for his next post. I’m guessing he will not be updating much while I’m taking my finals – he often helps me stay organized around here. But we’ll see how he does staying on top of his own little web blog.

As for me, I am just thinking about going to bed. I had a pretty productive day today but Monday is going to be SUPER busy for the clinic. Tomorrow I head to Brian’s family gathering for the April birthdays and then I will be right back here creating deposition questions.

Good evening ya’ll!

04 18 2009, 9:54 pm
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In response to a recent e-mail about humans and their bathrooms, I decided to do a live report from the bathroom in my own house, and yes, the bathtub was filled with water and in prime condition to attack. However, I managed to escape from the bathroom high and dry.

Here is a look at my adventure in the bathroom.


Daily Dish Episode 1 – Bathrooms

04 4 2009, 7:29 pm
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A long, long time ago, I told all of you I had a Twitter account and a Jaiku account. I have since deleted THAT particular twitter account (which was kind of stupid since I will NEVER get that lucky for a username again!) but I have another Twitter account and I kept the Jaiku account.

Anywho, what I am getting at, since I have had trouble updating the blog for lack of time, I think I might be able to keep up with Twitters MUCH more easily for the time being. My Twitter address is The Jaiku account I am letting “cool off” – I had made the all time fatal mistake of using my real name on there so when you would google my full and very unique name, boom = Jaiku. I don’t want every potential employer and all of my nosey classmates to know that much about me. In the future once that account is no longer associated with me, I might make it open again.



[EDIT] Look over to the left on my blog – you will see “Twitter Tweets” where my Twitter updates will appear on my blog now!!! Woot! So that means if you come here first and see I haven’t updated the blog, you can easily and quickly check out any Twitter updates – and if you click on “Twitter Tweets”, you will instantly be taken to my Twitter page (which is useful since the update here on the blog is NOT instantaneous)[/EDIT]

Another edition of the Daily Dish!
04 4 2009, 6:24 pm
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This is Oliver and welcome to another edition of the Daily Dish. I’ve been very busy lately but just because I haven’t been updating does not mean I have not been working. I have faithfully been reading all of my fan mail and that is what this update is all about. I routinely get questions from readers about the my editorials, myself, and most of all, humans. Today I would like to share my response to one such question. This e-mail came from Snuggles, who prefers to be called “Jim”.
Dear Oliver,
I would like to know more about bathrooms. Why do humans use them, why do humans insist on putting us in the water torture device, and is it ever safe to even go in a bathroom? My home has THREE bathrooms and I find it hard to feel safe anywhere in the house.

Jim (O.G.N. “Snuggles”)

P.S. I am jealous of your name.

Thanks for the question Jim. First of all, I feel for you on your owner given name. I got pretty lucky. As far as your question goes, I have had quite a bit of experience in the bathroom at my house. I only have one such room to contend with but I actually spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom of my own free will. I insist on accompanying my human into the bathroom unless she is running water in the torture device (which has the rather tame human name of “bathtub”). I have found that once humans are IN the bathtub, they must be subdued by its powers because I have never once been put in the bathtub while my human is also in it. So yes, there are safe times to enter the bathroom and even safe times to enter the bathtub.
As for what humans do in the bathroom, I honestly can’t say what their purpose is in there. Granted, they have their version of a litterbox in there, but other than that, it seems to serve little purpose other than for torturing themselves with water (which I will never hopefully understand).

As for potential ways you can avoid water torture, my suggestion is to simply stay as clean as possible and if you do get dirty, hide until you are clean again. This will not protect you all of the time and there is no rhyme nor reason for why humans insist on putting us in the bathtub when they do so when that time comes, your best response is to fight to the death. If you draw blood before you get wet, that will often deter any further attempt by the human to continue the struggle.

Good luck Jim and be sure to stay turned for my next edition of the Daily Dish in which I will share a video of my recent report from a bathroom which ended with me leaving dry and getting a good look at the torture device in action!

Time for a real update!
04 4 2009, 5:07 pm
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I can’t believe that a whole MONTH passed in between my last two posts! It is amazing how fast time flies. The reason for the lack of updates is that the last month has been downright painfully busy. Things aren’t going to get much easier any time soon either. 

Brian and I went over to the hospital a few nights this past week to visit his dad. On Monday, Brian’s father had some pretty major surgery. While I doubt if having to have surgery is ever a “good” thing, his went really well. He is ahead of schedule recovery wise and is leaving the hospital tomorrow.  We are all just thrilled he is doing well and are just hoping things continue on this very positive path.

Things are looking good on the job front – I don’t really like to discuss that stuff too much on the blog for privacy reasons but just in case anyone is curious, I am well into the interviewing process and I am feeling pretty good about it. 

I managed to log quite a few hours at the clinic this week – the two cases I currently have both should provide me with quite a bit of work which is something I am pretty happy about. 

Moot court is over with for anyone who was following that story. I can’t say I wound up unscathed though. The competition itself was fine – it was well run, competetive yet fun, and I received some great critiques from the judges which I always appreciate. The entire process of getting to the competition though and the arrangements I had while in NY left something to be desired. It isn’t a complicated story, but it would involve me complaining a lot and I’d like to avoid being “that person”. I’m just trying to pretend that whole thing never happened and move on with my semester!

Speaking of my semester, it is almost over!!! WOohoo! Just 2 weeks of classes left and then about three weeks until finals AND graduation are all done with. Sadly, that won’t be the end of school for me. Due to some issues with clinic hours, I had to back up my graduation date until August. I don’t have to take any additional classes or anything, I still walk in May, AND I will still be able to take the July bar exam – I just will have an August date on my diploma rather than a May date. 

Well, I am getting in loads of clinic hours this weekend and preparing for another interview later this week (which is basically a portion of a mock trial) so I will continue to do that. 


I’m still around I swear!
03 29 2009, 9:59 pm
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UGG! This has been one very busy, crazy, nutty semester! I can’t remember the last time I had this much STUFF to do. Bar applications, resume updates, interviews, client issues, and most of all – READING for class. My first year of school sometimes doesn’t even seem to have been as bad!

Tonight is no different but I thought I should take a moment out of my day to just say hello to my faithful followers (who probably have stopped following at this point) and say – I’m alive, well, happy, and just crazy busy.

There will be good news in the future to share I am sure and I will try to keep this more up to date I promise.


Hope everyone is well and I will be back soon!